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Amazon Magazine Subscriptions

Updated on April 2, 2011

Magazine Subscriptions From Amazon

 Magazine subscriptions are still big business despite the internets presence as the information highway, specialist magazine subscriptons are still popular today with many different hobby sectors being busy with subscribers who enjoy the good old fashioned print mags that they get delivered to their doorstep on a near monthly basis.

Amazon has a good range of various magazine subscriptions, from Fishing, to tattoo, to model train magazines to gardening mags, it all depends on what  type of mag you are looking for. Usually when you buy a subscription that is spread out over a long period such as 6 months to a year, then a discount is applied to your subscription and that to me sounds quite nice and decent of the publishers to do this.


Tattoo Mag Subscriptions Available From Amazon

Fishing Magazine Subscriptions On Amazon

Why Subscribe?

 People subscribe for many reasons, mainly so they don't have to look for it at the local shop and it saves time, it's far more convenient to have it delievered direct to your door when it has been published and sent out, but of course many people want to get the magazine as a discount deal on a yearly paid subscription which is what I do with my favourite Science Fiction And Fantasy Book SFX, I save a good few pounds by paying for the yearly subscription.

Some people enjoy recieving something through the mail that isn't just another bill and something that they actually want and have ordered, usually it is a hobby based magazine and one that they will enjoy reading to find out about certain industries and hobbyist issues. No one likes junk mail and all that crap you get stuffed through your letterbox on a weekly basis, so a nice treat of a magazine subscription is the best medicine for all the takeaway and catalogues leaflets that build up in your house, never ending and always making rustling sounds with their nice glossy paper....deep breath and breath again...that's better!

Some people aswell as having a hobby interest in their chosen magazine may also have a vested business interest in their niche and may need to keep updated with various equipment or whatever is available to their chosen market.

For me the American Amazon has more magazine subscriptions than the UK Amazon, which is fairly understandable as the UK is a tiny island compared to the US and more people would mean a high demand for different areas of interest.


TV Magazines Subscriptions

Gardening Magazine Subscibers Discounts On Amazon

SFX Magazine Subscription

SFX is my number one favourite magazine as I like to keep up to date with new movie releases,comics,dvds,games,toys and books and there is quite a mix of science fiction and fantasy genre stuff going on,aswell as looks at current tv shows like Lost, Supernatural, Smallville, Doctor Who and many others and it leaves out the fluff of the tv world that isn't sci-fi related or fantasy enriched.

I've been getting this magazine for over 10 years now and it still is a great read.

SFX Magazine Subscription Buy It Now!

Magazine Subscriptions

Get a Amazon magazine subscription.
Get a Amazon magazine subscription.

Magazine Subscriptions From Amazon

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    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers now! I buy other mags too, but on a casual basis from whsmith or some other shop now and then!

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      You certainly know your magazines Wayne.