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Updated on November 8, 2016
ShaylaOprecious profile image

My name is Sheila. I am a frustrated singer, writer, photographer. I may not have a colorful life but heck, life itself is colorful already.


He stood there in the crowd

Watching me as I pass by.

He would look at me unfathomably.

And when our eyes would meet

He would shy away my gaze instinctively.

It was our morning routine.

He stood there in front of my desk.

While I was absorbed by the deadlines.

Surprised as I was, I had to look twice.

The office never felt colder.

“Can I walk you home later, if it is alright?”

Our afternoon routine has begun.

Movies and churches, lunches and dinners.

There was even a photograph of us two.

Endless stories in jeepney rides, stupid jokes.

I bought that pair of Chuck too.

Routine was becoming a habit.

And habit turned into a system of

happiness dependence.

He stood there in front of the yard.

His hands full of lush, colorful mums.

That same look, but now with a grin,

He would meet my gaze this time.

I saw his lips mouthing some words,

But I can only hear my heart’s loud pound.

I took unhurried steps towards him

Both of us locked in a lurid trance

The moment was joyfully overwhelming

Makes you forget you were unhappy once.

Then something knotted in my chest

Like a tiny, icy spot spreading instantly

To the veins of my heart

He stood there in the yard

Watching me as I ran.

Calling my name in the middle of the sun.

I would not forget, not in my life.

The way he looked, as he stood

While the tears falling down his eyes.



© 2016 ShaylaOprecious


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Quite a lovely poem for your very first hub, Shayla. Welcome to HubPages.