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America United Still We Stand

Updated on May 5, 2015

I wrote this poem thirteen years ago when I was just 14 years old shortly after 9/11. It remains a day I will never forget. I don't think anyone who lived through it will not remember the precious and innocent lives that was lost. I hope you all like this poem. Forgive me if it sounds a bit corny. I was very young when I wrote this. Please comment below if you like it.

It all started on a bright and sunny day. Who knew the lives of thousands would end this way.

Children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters never got to reach their destination

But America united we must stand as a nation, to be the voice of the innocent ones

Who did not get a chance to speak, to fight, to cry but only to die and to their family members utter their final good byes.

Yes, America has fallen to its knees over this tragedy, that is now part of history.

And though these terrorists may have taken so many precious lives,

they cannot take away are great American pride because

This awful tragedy cause by man is innocuous.

Because America United Still We Stand


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    • Rajib Chakrabarty profile image

      Rajib Chakrabarty 2 years ago from India

      A heart rending poem about the innocent lives that were lost.Far away from India,we also felt the same as you.We the Indians promise to be united unanimously with the Americans against the heartless terrorists.

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