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American Dream poetry

Updated on October 21, 2010

This is for all the workers of the world

One day of the American dream

The hiss of a blade against skin
sharp scrathing sounds of brushing
fetid breath from late night snacks
sour odors from last nights breeding

The tinkling of water in the shower
the smell of toast slightly burnt
thump of daily newspaper arriving
scalding first sip of morning brew

The cloggedarteries of morning traffic
honking of horns impatient to move
the smells of gas old oil and rubber
jerking of the necks its stop and go

The shuffle of papers at the desks
clicking of keys ringing of phones
gurgling of water coolers breathing
turning off of lights at days end

The lonely ride home same as morning
quickly gulped dinner kisses on cheeks
flipping of channels for someting to watch
the ice cold brews going down the throat

The quick check on kids tucked away asleep
put out the cats walk the dog read a bit
lights off finally quick hug feeling frisky
quick tatoo of love then eyes close to sleep


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