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America's Spirit

Updated on October 25, 2017

America's Spirit

Let not our American lives be in vain

All that we have conquered

Which makes our nation an undying flame

Lives were lost, and to the heavens they will go

They will illuminate the answers we need to know

God always has a reason for such things that come to be

This hurtful tragedy will only lift every soul

And one day set us free

'Cause when you lose something as precious as this

It will never be in vain

Each significant life is with God

And he will take away the pain

And as our people ponder about what truly is right

Just remember, the answer can be anywhere

And we will get through the fight

Yet, the most sincere solution can be found in every heart

And I guarantee it will lead us on a new path, a brand new start

In spite of all this darkness, there is just one light

The souls in Heaven who illuminate the moon

They tell us that there is hope, and it will come soon.

© 2011 Latasha Woods

My First Poem Published in 2002 from "Waves of Wonder" Anthology


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