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Amidst Sorrows Come Blessings.

Updated on January 3, 2010

Amidst sorrow, come blessings.


They found

the young girl
on Christmas eve,
under a smouldering

Christmas tree,
that remarkably

remained standing.
It's charred husk,
covered her body,
in the burned out hulk
of her former home.

Left alone

by a mom who
was working two shifts,
she fell asleep in her bed after
lighting some candles
during a local

power outage.

The fire drove her as far

as the christams tree

and then the smoke

drove her beneath it.

She was found

clutching a manger
from a nativity scene,
hand made in Bethlehem,
one of the few gifts
she had ever recieved
from a local church charity,
that she highly treasured.

Her face

was at peace
as she lay

in eternal rest,
her soul now with

the supreme being,
whose statue

honoring Jesus birth
was clenched

tightly to her chest.

She had moved

on to higher realms,
far above the

poverty level
she once knew,
wrapped in angel wings,
and the many blessings
promised by his birth,
and her faith in God.
It was one of the
most valuable gifts
ever given to men,
left hanging

on another tree.
over two thousand years ago.

Two blocks away,
a tiny child

was squeezed,
from the pangs of

a contracting womb,
into a small

hospital delivery room,
With a soft slap,

and a wee cry
his life began,

as hers ended.
It was at that

exact moment that
God sent a solution

to her loss,
wrapped in the flesh

of a newborn baby.
A baby who would

grow up to invent
a tiny sensor,

that by law
would be a

mandatory addition
to all beds

manufactured world wide.
A device that

would alert
those who slept in it
to any smoke or fire
long before it

could kill them.

Thus another

Christmas passed with
one gift returned to

the heavens above,
and one gift

recieved by all below
that would grant a

better life to all
just as Jesus birth did,
and Jesus death did,
so many centuries ago.



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    • pbwriterchick profile image


      8 years ago

      I do believe that this, this cycle, is the truth. No death goes unnoted to the highest power... everything does happen for a reason...


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