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Amidst The Dead, Life Tantalizes.

Updated on November 17, 2009


Amidst the dead, life tantalizes. ©-MFB III

Amidst the dead
today I rode,
between the babies,
and the old,
all laid out snug
in coffins holds,
on satin linings
dark with molds.

The tires on
the gravel rumbled
while near death's presence
I was humbled,
I thought of all
those bones that tumbled,
from flesh to dust,
in dark holes crumbled.

So many lives
laid out in rows,
all tidy resting
in repose,
and whence their souls went,
no one knows,
their blush of youth
a faded rose.

Soon I had reached
the iron gates,
that led back to
my future dates,
with much to do
upon my plate,
I headed home
to brighter fates.

Perhaps some skulls
in tiny shifts.
gave me a nod
for my life's gifts.
or dropped their unhinged
jaws a bit.
such parting thoughts
made me drive swift.

Oh, God forbid
we'd be aware
of living flesh
above us where
we slowly rot
with bones made bare
such sorrow as this
can't compare.

When footsteps cross
the grass above,
and lay down bouquets
wrapped with love,
returning all
we'd once dreamt of
before we're trapped
in wooden gloves.

I'd much prefer
the soul would flee,
and leave a shell
of what was me,
to slowly blend
with soil and seed,
then turn into
a flower or tree.


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