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A Journey that Speaks the Life

Updated on December 29, 2016
VINU T profile image

T. Vinu is is a motivator, public speaker,trainer and a skilled writer. He has more than a decade of exposure in teaching and training.

A morning on a cloudy day,
I with her to board the bus.
The bus, really fame for ‘patience’…
Rushed among the people,
But, managed to get a space to stand.

Thus started the journey…
My arms got tightened,
Yes, made me the driver clasp the bar.
Oh God! Such a cobranic driver,
Drove he the bus zigzag.

Then a beggar to board the bus,
On the way to his regular duty,
Like a tobacco his hair, near my nose;
From him that stench smothered me,
Unlike others, he spent money on a ticket.

Then a seat to be given by a gentle man,
The seat, nearby the side bars of the window.
The sight of panoramas amazed me,
The zephyr, like a masseur’s hands on my face.
My mind… like a spider in the cobweb.

Soon… felt like being lifted on air,
Opened my eyes with dreamy mind,
Found that dwarf bouncing on the air;
Wondered I of the new technologies,
Mind, soon to remind me of the speed breakers.

Then to choose a book for reading,
Found his tears and turned to console,
The fellow passenger informed me of the rain outside.
Yes, water through that hole in the roof.
Then, she to inform me the arrival of the place.

The journey, certainly educative and abhorrent,
Such a hellish time had I.
The moments which I neglect to reminisce,
A journey that educated me,
That life begins where it ends.

© 2016 VINU T


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