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An Act Of Nature Unscripted.

Updated on January 4, 2010

Artwork and photos by- MFB III


An Act Of Nature, Unscripted.

Sometimes the

tiny angels
designated to

care for the
balloon of

the moon,
choose instead

to frolic,
tying its

invisible silk string
to some

ancient tree

on the other

side of night
as they go

over endless



the moon
breaks free of

its cocooned knot,
longing to see

earth's beauty
in the light of

day that is
denied it in

the darkness.

Much to the

awe of

children below,
still dallying

in delightful

play at dusk,
and adding

romance to

the lovers
who walk

hand in hand
on the beaches

near sunset.

The sun who

is a jealous hothead
does a slow

burn at

this intrusion,
its face

bright red

on the horizon
that holds

stereo orbs.

But it is

an old star

well traveled  
across the stages

of heaven's show
who knows

its exits well
so when the

lights begin ]

to dim,
it slips

behind the
curtain of gray

leaving the

moon to embrace
and entrance

the audience

of the night.





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