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An Alphabet Poem for the Christian Life

Updated on September 23, 2015

A gentle breeze beguiles my face--

Been months since we were chastened by

Cold wind. The evening rains give grass

Dense mastery of ground. The Lord's

Evangel blesses those who hear;

Fills every saint with joy and peace;

Gives knowledge of the Lord--It might

Here be in blizzard or in drought--

I should not care--dependable

Just as it's written. Scripture says,

Keep going through the sun and storm,

Lift up your hands in prayer to God.

May all that humid heat not damp

New meditations of new life.

Our succor is in Christ our Lord.

Place confidence in Him, not man.

Quail not for man, but God alone.

Resist the devil; he will flee.

Sure grace that made you hear God's Word--

This grace in you remains for aye--

Undaunted by the summer heat.

Voice of the preacher edifies.

Why so? God is with you; the Lord--

X writ in Greek is "Chi" for Christ--

Your Savior. Grass turns brown or green--

Zip up when cold--know Christ is Lord.


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    • JourneyByFaith profile image

      Scott Emery 2 years ago from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

      Thanks. Good to hear from you,


    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 2 years ago from Washington, DC

      Very interesting, quite different in a good way, and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Christianity in unique poetic form.