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An American Dream Christmas Mercedes Benz Miracle

Updated on November 18, 2013
Support the Alabama Arts POETS Crossfire and her poet as Ben Franklin
Support the Alabama Arts POETS Crossfire and her poet as Ben Franklin

An American Dream Christmas Mercedes Benz Miracle

Poet high school graduation into the lifetime Vietnam quagmire

Post mortem honorable discharged conflicted veteran nightmare,

Turmoil festering inside traumatic stress twisting in churning mire

Upon quicksand shifting grains that bogs down awake in daymares.

The napkin therapy of writing verse in medicinal stress releases

That questions our surrounding needs for endless social hostility.

Patriotic that one must create this shell of hell in becoming deceased

Silent in the Living Suicide of survival needing to vent negativity.

God Bless America that all forms of abuse are an abomination

That the physical and verbal abuses leave eternity’s scar marks,

When one must be made to realize beforehand this aberration

And seek solace by release this hate before combative sparks.

Sparks that can hurt so deep to wound festers inside acidic volatility

Of tumultuous memory that haunts hidden within the subconscious

Ready to tumble forth from deep dark recesses bearing pain veracity

Spewing forth a rekindled past in a reign of vivid vocal consciousness.

Why would an America poet living in this homeless American dream

Pray for a Christmas German miracle from Mercedes Benz?

That this poet was Terminated for Poetry by Mercedes in July 2004

When they took my love of poetry and threw it in front of my face,

Then said, “I did not have to tell anyone, it would be our secret.”

I told them I donot fear the Truth and would tell everyone this fact.

Wherein comes this Christmas miracle wish I have been requesting

For many Christmas’s since 2004

That Mercedes Benz and this poet get together

And they terminate me as a Christmas Gift with a toast.

I hold no animosity other than, “Why has it taken so long?”

Now back to what started this mess:

Writing in a bar in Tuscaloosa and a woman walked in despondent,

Wrote her a quick poem to pick up her spirit, returned to writing verse

Was just starting to develop Sylvia Platt fangs of nailing correspondence.

She came over thanked me, then asked to read my unique Uni-Verse.

Venting ‘n ranting she transmigrated into this tormented women,

Who seemed to have been abused in every stage of her tortured life.

Accused of stalking her, within just having met her, was this woman

Reading and relating to my poetry releasing that demon life-force.

Listening, and letting her vent to extinguish that built up pain,

She thanked me and left without a name but with a persona aura.

That this anguish settled within me in how to help others abstain

From verbal, physical abuse abomination of Sodom and Gomorrah.

But writing about abuse makes oneself this victim of association

That this poem, done on my time, found its way into the workplace.

Where Human Resources was on me in being so obscene a degradation,

Scheduling a councilor before even meeting with this employee worker.

Told them my Platt story, why I had written it, on my own time

That the person and nothing in it was about Mercedes Benz.

Received letter saying I was innocent, but this eccentric old timer.

Poet living in the Right to Work State of Alabama of Daimler bans.

Human Resources banned me from writing any form of poetry

That 24/7 365 days, I was being denied my Vietnam napkin therapy.

Where an American Veteran could not write any song lyrics poems,

That for awhile my vehicle could not have poetry in Mercedes territory.

I knew I had to rant and vent my Free Speech Uni-Verse art form

After being denied the use of a ghost name within Alabama artistry.

This poet made this big mistake buying “Supporting the Alabama Arts”

Tag for my new convertible Crossfire POETS license demonstration.

My sweet German Angel has a Chrysler logo in a divine Mercedes package

That within a month of buying this dynamic bundle of poetic pleasure,

I was sent packing with a Terminated for Poetry lifetime resume trackage

Then this poet looked up to heaven and knew he had to be a poetic treasure.

My POETS has weathered the vagabond roads of a wandering philosopher,

Things put in storage lockers for nearly a decade of an American Dream.

Where I put all my belonging into traveling here and there philanthropy

Got a truck running, bought a car POETS trailer to stop the wear regime.

But my Sweetheart 2005 POETS needs a lot a German Fräulein restoration

To bring her back as a Daimler Mercedes Benz American Chrysler Crossfire

That within Social Security this poet needs his German crafted germination,

Where his POETS takes her main poet down the road to create poetry.

She still wears her “Support the Alabama Arts” motto,

Where everyone says she is such a cute class act.

That she makes this poet making cents out of life

Feel like a Real Ben Franklin flying high on his Crossfire.

Oh German Stiff Scrooges

Please have this poetic pity

This Christmas of 2013,

And terminate this poet.

Take away the Conglomerate PTSD

In being Mercedes Benz

Terminated for Poetry.

Note: I have often asked for help on this, and nothing happens, except my poetry gets better with age. It is a matter of principle that no corporation should use poetry as a means of termination and/or use poetry as the reason for Chinese imprisonment, and internment. That in every nation including those with Civil Liberties Poets are being silenced as being obscene in being broad minded in opening up minds to things like that all torture and abuse are abominations to all of humanity.

The strange thing was that in a starving artist budget it let my hair grow, and out of this David came this Ben Franklin appearance that today needs no makeup that in fact it sometimes overwhelms my Free Speech Press power point presentations in the Sword of Word’s searing for the Truth.

I am not the dictator, only the teacher that interjects viewpoints for you to then contemplate YOUR meaning by surveying the diversity of subject matters then conclude from it your path less taken.

David Lester Young (Franklin Doppelganger) 11/18/13 ©

Does not this image need to be terminated for Christmas and not be Terminated for Poetry anymore
Does not this image need to be terminated for Christmas and not be Terminated for Poetry anymore


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