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An Angels Reprieve

Updated on May 28, 2021

An Angels Reprieve

-Trying to think positive on a long and stressful day of work I grow increasingly weary as

every minute passes. On my way home my eyes come across a young child slowly climbing out

the dumpster as I walk home. Seeing this child she was very small and the strong gust of the

wind came ferociously and struck her. The child now freezing ran behind the dumpster for

shelter, as she ran her eyes began to swell up with tears.

-Looking deeply into her eyes for a second I felt as if she was transparent and I could see

clearly through her.

I Continued to walk pass her, my jacket tightly gripped to my chest and book bag weighing heavily upon my back.

Halfway down the block I turn the corner and continue to walk, but my mind becomes foggy.

I feel as if my soul began to scream internally as it tried to escape through my body.

-I felt as if I was pierced by a knife and began to bleed profusely. I turned around and began to walk back in the direction of where I came.

Turning the corner I layed eyes upon the young girl I spotted earlier.

She was at the edge of the curb while heavy traffic filled the streets with chaos.

I began to walk slowly toward this child, I felt as if I was being pulled back by a rope but it was only the force of the wind pushing against my jacket.

-I looked at the girl and saw tears overflowing from her eyes and as she cried the wind quickly brushed the tears from her face as they continued to flow.

She started to walk into the street.

I watched closely as I looked at the oncoming truck heading into her direction.

My legs became numb as the truck came even closer to this child.

I was removed from my short period of paralysis by a whispering voice in my head which asked “Is that all you do is watch? I thought you were better than that?,

You should help her, remember that was you once, not so long ago.

- Moving quickly I grabbed the child out the street saving her life, and also I felt as if I had also saved myself.

As I let her go she looked at me with utter disgust.

She ran behind the dumpster.

She asked why did I not let her be.

I walked close to the dumpster, Kneeled down and leaned against the wall.

The girl was behind the dumpster crying and shivering due to the cold. Her body was rather thin; you could tell she hasn’t eaten in a couple days.

-Removing my hood from beneath my jacket, I handed it to her slowly with caution as to not frighten her.

She asked what you are doing.

I responded slowly calmly “You look cold and it is freezing out here Thought you might need a sweater.

A look of utter shock on her cold dry face she responded “what is it you want? What do you want for it? Sex? Drugs? Money? Because no ever gave me nothing for free, so you must want something.

- I looked at her not at all astounded at her response, because I completely understood what she meant, plus given our exact location it wasn’t exactly the crème de la crème of a nice neighborhood.

I told her well, “I was on my way home from work.

I saw you and knew what you were thinking.

I’ve been in your shoes before and with every second passing they become more difficult to walk in.

-This life you live is not easy and you might think suicide is the only sweet release from this pain and sort of life.

I really do understand how you feel but try not to be in complete in despair life and all things get better.

As I looked back at the child I realized she has moved on to another life and sorrow mixes with relief.

At least now this child will no longer suffer but wishing she had a better life. As I start to walk away I hear a feint whisper, “Hey Mr.” I turn and see the spirit of the young girl.

-She says “Than you sir for showing me Kindness, You are the only person who has treated me kind in this whole world.”

With astonishing large silver and white wings now embracing her body she turns and begins to fly towards the clouds.

For I know she is going to heaven and glad she has now found peace.

As for me I’ll try and walk home, for this world is a cruel place and every bit of kindness and generosity is always belittled with ignorant words or thoughts.

As I began to get closer to my home I also start to slowly fade away.

-Entering my Home I came to the realization that I am now standing above the clouds with wings similar to the young girls which I saw.

Turning to look behind me, I see her by very tall bronze gates screaming” Hey Mr, Hey Mr, Hurry I was told to wait for you before I enter.

She grabs my hand and we both come to the Entrance of the Gates.

She says” thank you again for saving me Mr, as we entered I have come to understand that I in fact was not alive, but actually this young girls Guardian angel.

Entering the gates she looks and gives me the biggest hug and brightest smile ever as we both slowly fade away.


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