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An Artist's Soul Poem

Updated on January 30, 2017

All this time that I have been searching

I have always known that I have a deep, dark soul;

An Artist through and through,

One without any clue.

When I think about Sylvia Plath, she seems the same as me.

She had the same kinds of feelings; never tame, always free.

But I didn't have a life like her;

Mine had always been simple and secure

Unlike my soul that can't be stilled,

That is just a part of my being that can't be filled.

It has kept this hold on me and keeps me from

Any normalcy. What you perceive

Of me you don't truly know.

You do not have this artist's flow.

I know that I am so for a reason

I am waiting for the right time

When by whole soul will be bared

And my everything will be shared.

Maybe perhaps, you will know me

And when I die everyone will agree

That I had an artist's soul throughout

Though no one knew what I was all about.

Sylvia Plath

A True Artist of Words
A True Artist of Words | Source

Sylvia Reading Her Poetry


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    • profile image

      Ausseye 11 months ago

      A beautiful poem that shine bright your artists soul

      Burst into the bright moonlight like a angle from the dark

      You emerge as an artist exposed by your enthralling nature

      Nurtured by your words and their power over the minds that read this