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An Interview With Christine B.

Updated on December 29, 2011

Interview with Christine B.

Christine B. writes about subjects most people don't normally enjoy thinking about, yet ponder, just the same. Presenting a "what if" slant in her poetry, short stories and novels, her works suggest alternative answers to some of life's most intriguing questions, while guiding readers off the beaten path into paranormaly "Dangerous Terrain." Christine owns El Dorado Paranormal Investigations. She creates a monthly newsletter, "Paranormal Musings," which delves into paranormal subjects and educates the public that "Paranormal is Normal.” Her novels include: “The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning” (won Best General Fiction and Best Media Package of 2008 from the Northern California Publishers and Authors); “From the Stones-A Colleen Broadhurst Adventure;” and “The Coming 12/21/2012”. She is also working on a non-fiction book about her own paranormal experiences and those of others. Christine can be reached via her web site:, which has been named one of the most informative paranormal sites on the web. Email her at

Q: What was it that got you started in investigating the Paranormal?

A: Well, I have to contribute my fraternal grandmother for igniting my interest in the paranormal when I was still a young child. She told me my first ghost stories about how she saw the spirits of her family member who had passed. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the paranormal from the time I could read.

I also lived in a haunted house in a suburb of Ohio for twelve years when I was first married in the early 70’s. I saw the spirits who shared the house with us every day. I was never frightened of them because I knew they just wanted to let us know they were there, and they were not in the least bit negative.

Q: What is the name of your paranormal investigation group?

A: El Dorado Paranormal Investigations. I started the group when I lived in El DoradoCounty in Placerville, CA. After I moved back to Ohio, I found several people who wanted to join my group out here, and have assembled a great team. Most of the people in my group are sensitives, as I am. We all work very well together.

Q: What is your goal in regards to the paranormal?

A: My goal is to reach out to as many people I can to teach them that the paranormal is normal. I have a web site that I have created at The web site helps with that endeavor. While in California I worked with a youth group in an effort to teach them that there is nothing to be frightened of about the paranormal. The kids are great investigators and were generally dedicated to the work. One of my group members in Ohio is only 12 years old, and she’s one of our most talented sensitives.

I also work with other paranormal groups in my area. I enjoy working with as many paranormal groups as I can because they all have their own techniques. We are all working toward the same goal—to find answers to the unexplained. My motto is, “Illumination is everything! The more you know, the less you fear!”

Q: Tell us about the novels and short stories you’ve written about the paranormal.

A: I started my first novel, “The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning” while I was living in the haunted house in North Royalton, Ohio. I realized after I had written several chapters that I needed to live a bit longer before I could finish it. So I kept reading about the paranormal—mostly books written by Dr. Hans Holzer, the famous paranormal investigator of the time period. Dr. Holzer was my inspiration to become a paranormal investigator.

In 1992 I took up the manuscript again and finished it within four months. I started my second book, “The Coming ~ 12/21/2012” right afterwards and finished that 500 page novel within six months. I started my third novel, “From the Stones” right after that and finished it within 3 months. I was working full time at the time, and wrote on weekends and in the evenings.

I’ve written my paranormal-based short stories since then. I began writing poetry when I was still in high school. I have always written something, most with paranormal themes—it’s what I do.

My Paranormal Musings Newsletter is a monthly publication that I send out to hundreds of people all over the world who are interested in the paranormal. Through this venue I am able to write articles about various aspects of the paranormal and the unexplained and share my research with my readers. I also publish True Paranormal Experiences articles in the newsletter written by others who have sent me their stories. The newsletter is free to anyone who is interested in reading it. All anyone has to do is send their email address to my email address: and I will add them to my email mailing list. I send out my newsletter via email at the end of every month.

I’m presently working on a non-fiction book about the paranormal, as well.

Q: Are any of your works published?

A: “The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning” and “From the Stones” are both available on Amazon and Barnes & “The Coming ~ 12/21/2012” my short stories, paranormal articles and many of my poems are published on Hub Pages and are available free to anyone who visits the site.

Q: Have you won any awards for your work?

A: In 2008 the Northern California Publishers and Authors association in Sacramento awarded “The Afterlife of Charlotte Browning” their “Best General Fiction” and “Best Media Package” awards. I was thrilled that they appreciated the book.

Q: You had your own radio show too, right?

A: Yes, when I lived in California I hosted a bi-weekly radio program, "World of the Paranormal." I had great fun with that show. I was able to interview experts in many aspects of the paranormal. My greatest thrill was when I interviewed and had the opportunity to interact with Alexandra Holzer, the daughter of my personal hero, Hans Holzer. Dr. Holzer was still alive when I spoke with Alexandra on the air. I also discussed many other interesting topics and had several other great guests on my program. Nancy Bradley, the famous Celebrity's Psychic, was my personal guest in my studio twice. She was able to answer listener's questions on the air and gave them her psychic impressions. The show lasted for a year, and then I had to move back to Ohio, so it ended. Luckily I made recordings of most of the episodes, so I can listen to them again whenever I feel nostalgic.


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    • Christine B. profile imageAUTHOR

      Christine B. 

      8 years ago from Medina, Ohio

      Thanks, Enlydia... It's been an interesting life. :o)

    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      8 years ago from trailer in the country

      I hope I get a chance to read your books...congrats on your life.


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