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An Observation From Both Sides of the Mirror, Living and Life - 101

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

Sunsets in Life

We see many Sunsets in Life, some are dark and some are Beautiful. We must learn from the dark ones and savor the good ones.
We see many Sunsets in Life, some are dark and some are Beautiful. We must learn from the dark ones and savor the good ones. | Source

How Should a Man live?

Really, that is the real question for all of us.

Just how should I live my Life.

I'm not talking about religious ideals or lofty carer goals that drive people to be leaders in this world of ours.

No, I'm addressing the more mundane subject that each of us must face as we go about the day to day tasks and toils and tribulations of our lives.

Which are the REAL DIRECTIONS that I should take?

Our lives are a series of paths.

All Right, I confused you, and that's OK, because I'm not selling anything to you, especially not any religious, social, philosophical platitudes.

All that I am trying to tell you is this:

As I said, we all have beliefs; religious, political, social, philosophical. And that's OK in the grand scheme of things from my perspective.

It doesn't bother me if you wear clothes that are "different" from mine. It doesn't bother me if you refuse to eat certain foods than I do. It doesn't even bother me if you say my beliefs are wrong.

There are far too many people on this planet to not have a wide variety of personal beliefs being touted as "the one true .....", whatever.

I'm just telling you that, far too often our personal lifespan is shorter than we think it will be.

So, Pick your beliefs and wrap your souls around them. Now.

So many people live their whole life in varying states of personal direction and goals. They jump from one ideal to another like someone changing their wardrobes seasonally.

And, if that truly is your goal in life, then OK. But, that's not what I am talking about.

I am talking about your REAL DIRECTION! Which paths are you on?

A book on Positive Thinking

The Positive Thinking Secret
The Positive Thinking Secret
I found this book to be eye-opening in some ways and I think more people should understand the power of having the right attitude.

Take a real Direction?

SO, You are asking me, what is this damned fool talking about, a REAL DIRECTION?


What I am taking about is that you NEED,

NO, that you MUST, select a REAL DIRECTION that you want to walk or run through, as you burn up your allocated minutes, for living this short life that you have right now.


Well, Let me give you a simple truth to ponder;

You can live your life, PLANNING FOR that elusive day, TOMORROW,


You can LIVE TODAY as if you are LIVING IN YOUR TOMORROW, Now!

What is TOMORROW and what is TODAY?

Said more simply, when you reach ..... that day, way out there,


that place in time that you will have saved enough money?

that day when you can retire?

that day when you have cleansed and perfected your Soul?

that day when you can stop planting and start reaping your rewards?

that day when you can actually enjoy yourself?

that day when you have finally reached all of your personal goals, whatever they might be.

That is what you called TOMORROW, all of your meager Life,

Just because you restricted your SELF and your LIFE so that when you reach that goal, that end to your DIRECTION,

will you, then, finally, be HAPPY?

But, What about TODAY?

In my mind, that's the real question for us all; What about TODAY?

Why not take every one of those planned special moments that you have allocated in your plans for the rest of your Life, and Enjoy them ..... TODAY?

TODAY is so much better than TOMORROW. For one thing TOMORROW is always at least a day away, according to Little Orphan Annie, anyway.

To her, it was a goal that was only a few hours away, but, what about you?

What about NOW ....TODAY? Why shouldn't you live TODAY.

In fact Live TODAY, as if there was no TOMORROW?

OK, I'm not telling you to say "to Hell with the rest of my life, lets partyyyyyyy".

No, I' not saying that at all. What I am saying is that if you take those TOMORROW goals and set then aside occasionally, and just take a day, TODAY maybe, and live it to the limits of your capabilities, with Love in your Heart?SPEND! Spend an extra Buck.

Spend an extra Hour, spend an extra moment, even. reaching for something else!

And maybe even go another few minutes, with a heightened level of JOY, beyond what you expected to have time for.

Why, when you start doing this, enjoying the moments every day, you just might end up being a truly happy soul, traveling through your life, rather than that dire person who plans and plans for that time in your elusive future,

way out there, TOMORROW!

What the HELL, It could even be Fun!

You see, TOMORROW is probably a long way out there, and if you start, right now, occasionally, LOVING what you have TODAY, you just might strengthen your Soul, in its other travails, that are so common over a lifetime.

So, I say to you, Be whatever you are, or want to be. But, you should live your days TODAY for a higher level of enjoyment and fulfillment, on your personal trip to TOMORROW!

God knows that I AM!

I admit it, some days its really hard to regain my perspective what with all of the obstacles that are thrown at me throughout my days.

But, what I do is, just stop myself, mentally, and take a deep breath. And, with that breath, I try to Smile! That's all, I just try to Smile. Now, after a lot of years doing things in my life wrong,

I find that my attempts to Smile; brings my day into a clearer focus, slows my heart rate, calms my body and mind, and allows me to enjoy my TODAY!

An inspirational video from Oprah Winfrey on having a positive attitude.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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