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An Ode To My Friend, The Drummer

Updated on March 16, 2013
Here is my friend the drummer, Tim Lloyd, the drummer for Passion, The American Pop Experience.
Here is my friend the drummer, Tim Lloyd, the drummer for Passion, The American Pop Experience. | Source
The Band my Drummer friend played in.
The Band my Drummer friend played in. | Source

This hub is dedicated to my friend, Tim Lloyd, who is the drummer of the musical group, Passion, who travels all over the mid western United States. They are playing music that they love for various audiences who listen to a variety of music from pop and rock favorites to singing their original music.

Tim was told by his mom when he was young, "Do what you love." Thus, my friend continues to pursue to follow what he loves the most.

Dedicated To My Friend, The Drummer

I found a smile upon my face
As I hung up the phone.
It made me realize in
All these years
Our loyal friendship
Has grown.

As a nurse, daily for a year
I bandaged up his chest wound.
This continuous pursuit of health
Kept him away
From the tomb.

My friend's biggest dream
To return to the best gig
In his life- to be a
Drummer for the band-
I didn't mind when
He moved far away
To the vast
Mid western Land.

Never standing in the way
Of this man's determination
He reassured that he would
Stay in touch.
Yet while waiting for
The next phone call,
I miss him very much.

Copyright@2011 CMCastro

You can learn more about this friend and his story about being a drummer at his website. Go to

http:// www.TIMLLOYD.COM. See how this musician grew up with the passion of playing the drums.

This writer is so grateful to the Lord for the daily experience to go to his home as a nurse to do wound care (after complicated lung surgery) and nurse him back to health.

Update 2013: Where Is Tim Lloyd, Now

This hub has been dedicated to my friend who pursued the passion of his dream, playing drums for a Pop Band that went all over the mid western United States to entertain many who were vacationers, and many who loved the sound of the Oldies but Goodies. He decided this past year in the Autumn of 2012 to retire, due to chronic health issues. This writer still finds this musician enthusiastic about living despite his condition, and he is taking care of himself as he has many good memories of playing with Passion, An American Experience. It is good to know someone who continued to live his dream until it became physically impossible. This writer can only wish God's blessings for him despite his current situation. It is just good to know that we continue as friends and that he is prayed for often.


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      It doesn't matter how long you are apart, when you meet a good friend again it is as if time has stopped because you just pick up where you left off. Thank you.