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An Ode to Arms

Updated on April 18, 2013

You thought you would be clever
Reaching inside your maid’s bag
You pulled sanctimony and placed it on the table
You asked if we should own atomic devices
As if that were the question
A red herring argued what you were unable

But then the light asked it another way
Are we to be armed the same as a soldier
Or is the law vague as to intention?
Is what a soldier carries into battle
And what a plane fires in the sky
The same as a hunters tools for his recreation?

What is to be made of the words
A well-regulated militia
And the right to bear arms shall not be infringed?
Are they mutually exclusive?
Or to be taken literally?
We always argue when someone becomes unhinged

Where power collects tyranny flowers
When trust is lost
The people cannot believe in the heart of a King
What is the difference between a mad man
And the ambitions of a politician
When only God knows which bell tolls freedoms ring?


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    • profile image

      Writer Chuck 

      5 years ago

      There are those who would debate the meaning of the second amendment. The founders knew what it takes to maintain a free society. I believe they knew that there would be those who would try to rewrite the constitution and pervert our rights. I believe the founders knew that an armed country is hard to take over, and at least up and until now no one has attempted to invade America or take her over from the inside. We must be aware of the danger in changing how we interpret the meaning of the constitution and beware of those who call it a living document. We must beware of those who would change the constitution to fit modern times. The Constitution is a timeless document that with wisdom can be amended if needed, but shouldn't be deleted.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very elegant, and truly from your heart. I applaud you for expressing such a natural beauty of wisdom with others, and don't ever fall asleep to this tyranny.

    • web923 profile image

      Bill Blackburn 

      5 years ago from Twentynine Palms, California

      Interesting read; well written! If we could only stop hacking the tops off of the tyranny flowers and uproot them once and for all, but history seems to indicate that it's not likely to happen anytime soon. I enjoyed your eloquent style of rhyme!


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