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An Ode to Beauty

Updated on July 15, 2016

An Ode to Beauty

By Tony DeLorger © 201

Beauty sees the world through rose glasses,

defining life in the most glorious way.

Visions of love and compassion imbue life,

give love further ascendance.

Beauty knows the world through potential,

the choice of acceptance and right action.

It knows the possibility of joyous peace

and dissolution of difference and contention.

Beauty understands the power of thirst,

and the misguided thoughts of greed,

knowing that change can cleanse,

and that love can conquer dissidence.

Beauty is its own perfection,

the promise of all that is good and just.

It is the potential of humanity to embrace it,

to reveal it in all earthly life.

Beauty should be the sight of man,

perceiving the wonder of miraculous life,

its expression of unencumbered joy,

and the possibility of lasting happiness.


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