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Fleeting Moments

Updated on October 10, 2014

So Callous!calls the world,

Desperately draining out in turbulent moves,

Tongues and lips flickering,Pleading.

Unknown ,The Master

sterned to its own punctuality

Runs for the doom's day.

Honest disciples disciplines to reach the acme.

Playboys and mugs aduled to fantascies.

Like rolling stone gathers no moss.

Slips downhill to the the depth of Falsehood.

perpetual treading steps

never blinds the Master

Past,Present and Future its incarnation

Future honours the peregrenator.

He who ,Entourages its entrenches.

All the rugged rocks and smooth pavement

Bending to pick up the pebbles.

© 2014 Pallavi Bharati


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