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An Ode to Yesterdays News

Updated on February 29, 2012

Here sitting

Addressing endless masochism

knowing I spit in the wind

and the words are just as gone

knowing that out my window

they whip and fall

I never see where

but neither do any of the other drivers

unless it hits their windsheild

more likely then not they will curse the birds

and not me.

Skid marks on the water

as I see its neighbor pebles

on the bottom

in repose

no one lifts any of them

as they are now part of the land scape

they add to the lake

to the river they add

but not enough to notice.

Walking into the shops where these pebbles

and bits of spit

from all the hopefuls like me

knowing the odds

yet willing to pull the lever

and hear the gears make that hypnotic sound

get a few complements now and then

but in the end...

So there I stood

before the wrack

seeing those few who we still know

the writers that mater still

William, Victor, Emily, Charles

my friends and kindred spirits

yet they have me topped

my betters and my mentors

The rest of those

to whom I look

in my poisoned version of reality

I find their work in the trash

or drifting in the whirlwind

just a part of the scenery.

I save those pieces in my private collection

knowing that I cannot save them all

but I will build the walls

of my writing sanctuary

with the pages of those I can

Maybe they will say

that my house blends in

and its ruins

a monument to the beauty

and desirability of the land.

I will rest here though a while

and add my own rocks

spit out my windows all I please.

Say a while if you please.


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