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An Unfinished Story

Updated on December 17, 2013
This is the paper where I wrote the story
This is the paper where I wrote the story

It started with a piece of white paper

I am a fan of fantasy novels. I love the idea of a magical world where anything is possible. Some of my influences are the popular series Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings. One common thing about these books is that it involved magic.

Most people who wants to escape from the reality will pour their attention into books and movies because once you read or watch, it's like you are brought into a different world.

At a young age, I imagine myself as a short story writer. Sad to say I wasn't able to continue that path as I got attached to different things. This thirst to write started again when I was cleaning out my drawers a couple of weeks ago were I found this piece of paper at the bottom of the cabinet. I read it and there's this feeling of happiness inside me. I was amazed by the things I wrote down in this paper.

Now... presenting the unfinished story...

The girl named Ani

Ani of 882 Citt St. Park Octagon is a very lucky girl. She lives in a mansion where has everything a girl would want. Own bedroom, own bathroom, own TV, own phone with own phone line, everything. These things made Ani the most popular girl in their school. Ani get to throw parties wherein she made her guest visit her room. No wonder "some" hated her because Ani shows off too much. Everybody feels they are very poor if they ever get near Ani. But Ani doesn't care about the others. All she cares is that she's the most blessed among them. Sticking this into her mind, she became the most unfriendly person in their school.

But one day, the life of living in a mansion had vanished. She woke up in a bed made of animal skin. The place seems to be different. It can't really be the mansion for the walls are replaced by plants hanging from the twigs of the trees, the scent is the scent of the forest after it rained and she realized she was sleeping in a stoney floor. Big rocks served as chairs and tables. All Ani could think is how she get here in this place but all the time she was asleep in her queen size bed.

Ani looked around the place and saw trees, and tress, and another tree. The placed is packed with trees. She looked up and saw the sun shining. Then someone appeared in front of her that made her jump back. It was a pretty woman wearing an animal skin clothes, hair tight in a bun with leaves around it. She was barefoot but still it's clean. Her right arm was wrapped in ivy.

"Hi there!" said the woman, smiling at her. "I'm Reese of the Woods."

Ani don't know what exactly Reese of the Woods mean in a modern world today. Instead of introducing herself she stared Reese from head to toe.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" Ani asked. "Because I'm not buying it."

Reese of the Woods just laughed. "A joke? What made you think this is a joke?"

"Oh come on, give it of my friends hired you so they can trick me." replied Ani sounding a little bit impatient.

"Trick you? Why would they trick you?" Reese put her left arm at her back then extended it after a few seconds handed an apple to Ani, who just stared at it. "Aren't you hungry?"

Ani had just seen a magic . Is there an apple in her pocket? She thought.

"That's not a trick, it's magic." Reese said smiling and took a bite at the apple . "Want some?"

"How...wait a minute, who hired you? Are you a kidnapper or something?" asked Ani half-angry, half-confused.

"Hired me? Nobody hired me." answered Reese still having a bite of the apple. "Listen, why don't you wait here and I'll fetch the one who sent you here okay?'and then Reese of the Woods vanished.


In the Hall of the Guardians, Reese appeared just in time to see Artero, the messenger, approaching holding a scroll.

"There you are Roe!" shouted Reese happily. The guardians called Artero, Roe for short. Roe handed the scroll to Reese.

"Mr. Sleep wanted you to have this. I think this is regarding the girl downstairs." Roe said.

"That girl is sort of irritating." said Reese while unrolling the scroll. "Hmm...let me see, Mr. Sleep wanted me to send her up to his office." Reese looked up at Roe. "Why can't he fetch her himself?"

"I don't know." replied Artero folded arms."Just follow the instructions, I'm just a messenger remember?"

Reese kept the scroll inside her pocket. "Fine. I'll send him the girl." then she vanished.


Ani was so shocked as Reese appeared once again in front of her. Reese smiled at her which makes her again annoyed because she doesn't know what's going on.

"Come on Mr. Sleep wants to see you..."

Finish it

I'm still undecided if I should finish this is story. This is because I already forgot the scenarios I thought of way back when I was creating this story. On the other hand, I can change some parts of the story which is a huge shift since I've got other influences now ever since I stopped writing this one.

Anyway, I hope for those who read this, feel free to give some constructive criticism on it.


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