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An Unforgiven War

Updated on October 23, 2012
War veteran remembered
War veteran remembered | Source
Unforgotten heroes
Unforgotten heroes | Source
Remember our veterans
Remember our veterans | Source
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial | Source

Pain, destruction, hatred and fear,

Friend or foe in world's critical demands,

Reliving hellish moments of harsh reality,

Battle-scarred faces and shattered pride

Reflecting rejection from kindred beings,

Blinded by political lies and false alliance.

Warriors, misunderstood and guilty only of

American patriotism.

Plagued by mental anguish from an

Ongoing struggle,

Yesterday's nightmares as vivid today

In feverish flashbacks.

Different enemy, yet same war.

Soldiers facing an unaccepting society,

Reaching desperately into depths of

Mortal souls,

Seeking cherished comradery.

Bitterness exploding the walls of an

Eroded, but not forgotten, tenderness.

Hatred and anger replacing love and


Saved only for buddies who surpass

Human ignorance.

Dutiful citizens surviving Hades,

Only to return to a personal hell.

Pride, love, respect and life,

Asking so little, giving so much.

A moment to show acceptance to

Heroes of old,

Sharing painful memories to understand

Nightmares relived with each breath of life.

The price of freedom, the price of truth,

The price of war, the price was paid.


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