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An Untitled Story (Chapter 3)

Updated on July 16, 2010

Waiting for a Note

Courtesy of Google Images
Courtesy of Google Images

An Over View

If you are reading this and have not read it from the beginning, I suggest you do so immediately for the sake of it making sense. An Untitled Story is about a girl as she discover that something is going on at her school. I'm not sure I should tell you much more because it would ruin it. So please read from the beginning and enjoy!

Copywrite AlloraHeaton2010

Chapter 3

That night, the dreams came again. She went very still and the images began buzzing around her head. Tonight, the images consisted of the eye, syringes with green and purple liquids, and the door to room 118.

When she finally woke up the next morning, Amanda thought about her dreams and what they could mean. Which building could room 118 be in? There were too many buildings on campus to even begin to consider which one it was. Just when she was about to give up and get out of bed, she remembered the other images she'd seen. She'd seen syringes with green and purple liquids. She wasn't entirely sure what the syringes were, but she'd seen those liquids before in the science building just yesterday in her class.

It was at that moment that a light bulb clicked on in Amanda's head. She needed to get into the science lab and do some digging. It was the only way she was ever going to make sense of this whole situation.

As she went through her morning routine, she considered what would be the best time to go about her little excursion. There wasn't time before school and during school she could only do so much investigating because her class didn't go over to that particular building very often. Right after school was out of the question also because she spent all of that time doing homework and gym workouts with Shelly. If Shelly discovered any part of this, she might do something rash again. She couldn't do it after the gym either because she couldn't be sure if that man would follow her again. She was in a predicament and it didn't look like there was a way out of it anytime soon.

Sighing, she spit the toothpaste foam into the sink and rinsed her mouth. When she was finished, she folded her arms and leaned again the bathroom's doorframe. How is this going to work when I can't find the time of day to do what I need to? She thought. Reviewing her day, she tried to think of a moment she'd missed when she could escape. She couldn't, but she knew of someone who could. Nick spent the majority of his evenings sitting by that fountain, waiting. What if she could convince him to go look around for her when she saw again tonight? Would it do the job?

"It'll have to." Amanda whispered to herself and she went to the kitchen to get some breakfast before school.


About the first hour of the day, Amanda began to wonder how she would get Nick to help her.

She could just tell him, but what if that man were following her again? He didn't need to hear that. So she decided to ask him in a note and what better time than through the droning of and old geezer like Mr. Brine.

As the class began, Amanda pulled out a piece of paper and wrote Nick's name at the top. But then she paused. How should I write this? She wondered. Deciding on something suitable, she began to write. She had almost finished when something hit her square on the forehead and landed on her desk. It just so happened to be a wadded up piece of paper. Glancing around, she saw Shelly staring at her intently. Amanda smoothed out the message.

What are you writing? It read. Amanda sat back in chair and had to smile. Shelly had impeccable timing, even if it was unfortunate

A note, she quickly wrote back, and crumpled the paper up. When Mr. Brine wasn't looking, she chucked it across the room as far as it would go and prayed it would hit Shelly's desk and not some jock's. Her aim was true and it almost landed in Shelly's lap. Shelly quickly smoothed it out and jotted her own message, throwing it just as Mr. Brine turned his back. Catching the note, Amanda read.

Okay, little miss indirect. What KIND of note is it

…It’s informative. :) Amanda crumbled and tossed. Shelly read and wrote, then did like wise.

Oh come on Amanda, do I have to come over there and beat it out of you? Just tell me! Scribble, wad, toss.

:) Maybe.... no, I'm sorry. It's a note to Nick. Scribble, wad, toss.

LOL! :D You could have just said so! What did you say? Scribble, wad, toss.

Um ... I don’t' think I should write it down. What if you don't catch it? Scribble, wad, toss.

Pleeeaaaase! I promise that I'll catch it. I always do. Amanda looked at Shelly and was none too surprised to see her making a pouty face. She sighed and scribbled, wadded, and tossed.

All right, but we're going to need a new paper. Shelly grinned and tossed the current note into the trashcan behind her. She then sat up straight in her chair and made an excellent show of waiting impatiently for the next message. Amanda rolled her eyes and began writing down whatever came to mind about Nick that would make Shelly happy. It took her some time to come up with something suitable for Shelly, but she did it. She wadded up the paper and, as luck would have it, threw it just as Mr. Brine turned around. Wincing, she put her head down and pretended to be doing the assignment.

"Who threw that?" he demanded tartly, and retrieved the message, which had fallen just short of its destination. Shelly, who had also put her head down, looked up as if noticing the message for the first time. Amanda would have thought it funny in any other circumstance, but the contents of that note were not meant for anyone else’s ears but Shelly's.

"Who threw this?" he demanded again. When no one said anything, he began smoothing out the crumpled material and said, "Well, since no one has a claim on it, I don't think they will care if I read it to the class." he smiled devilishly and propped his glasses on the end of his nose.

My dearest Nick,” he read loud and clear, “There is nothing in this world more powerful than love. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised how fast it snuck up on me. The first time I saw you, my heart beat so hard and fast it nearly jumped out of my chest. But that wouldn't have mattered because it shattered when I had to leave. The broken pieces of my heart could have passed through the eye of a needle you broke it so entirely. But then you mended it with one look and unknowingly took a piece of it for your own. Now, I am surrendering not only the rest of my heart, but my whole self to you in the hopes that you will handle it with care and not treat it like a toy." a lump had come to Mr. Brine's throat and he coughed, trying to dislodge it.

Some would call this bravery or even rash idiocy, but you have taken my mind as well as my heart, making it impossible to know. My only wish is that you can love me as the flower loves the rain. Because, like the rain, I have fallen for you and there is no getting back into the sky without your love to make me soar. After all, there is nothing in this world more powerful than love and I've given you mine completely.

With all my heart, A.R." Mr. Brine dabbed his eyes with a bright pink handkerchief and blew his nose with a sound somewhat like that of a foghorn. Amanda wasn't sure but she thought she might have seen at least one of the ball players dabbing his eyes as well.

"Thank you to whoever composed such a work of art and because we have been graced by such a beautiful message, class will be suspended for the rest of today. Is there a Nick in this class room?" Mr. Brine said with a sniff. When no one answered, he sighed, "Pity. This will be on my desk until after class. If it is not gone by then, I am going to frame it on my wall, and give it to my wife with a few name changes." At that, a laugh rippled through the class and Amanda blushed even redder than she had been throughout the reading. But, no one was looking at her because they had begun to disperse into their own groups to talk for as long as they could. About that time, Shelly rushed across the room and took the vacated seat to her left.

"Girl, that was so romantic! I didn't know you could write like that." Shelly gushed whole-heartedly.

"Neither did I," Amanda said, letting out the breath she'd been holding.

"We need to get that note back,” said Shelly, already looking about the room for an opportunity.

"Whoa Nelly, er Shelly," Amanda said, smiling at the pun she'd just made, "I don't need it because I just copied that from the original."

“Well, what if I want to give it to Brad?” Shelly said innocently.

“Shelly, he’s in this class, remember? He already heard it.” Amanda said with a laugh.

“Right,” Shelly said, then remembered Amanda’s promise to help her meet Brad, “what were you going to do to help me meet him?” Amanda smiled.

“You’ll just have to find out,” Amanda said slyly, “I just have one question. How much of a gentleman is he?”

“I don’t know. Why?” Shelly said, confused.

“Just answer the question!” Amanda insisted.

“I think he’s a gentleman. He held a door for me once.” Shelly said.

“Thank you. See it wasn’t that hard, was it?” Amanda teased.

“I don’t know Mandy, it nearly killed me.” Shelly said with a laugh. At that moment, the bell rang and the two girls grabbed their books and headed for the door. As she did so, Amanda kept close tabs on where Brad was. He too had just picked up his books and was walking toward the door, but the girls were a head of him by a foot or so. Stumbling, Amanda “accidentally” hit her friend’s arm making all her things fall to the floor.

“I’m so sorry, Shelly!” Amanda said her face as sincere as she could possibly make it. Shelly sighed and dropped to one knee, Amanda following.

"It’s alright.” Shelly said as they began rounding up the fallen materials. Just then, a bigger, much stronger pair of hands joined the two slender ones.

“Here, let me help.” said a deep voice. It was Brad, all six feet of him. A stunned Shelly froze and slowly looked up, her eyes as big as golf balls. Amanda grabbed her arm, hoping to bring her friend to reality but only succeeding in making her tense up even more. Amanda rolled her eyes.

“Thank you for helping us,” She said with a smile, “This is Shelly, and I’m Amanda.”

“Brad.” He said. Looking up, his eyes met Shelly’s and he paused, “You said your name was Shelly?” He asked. Still frozen with shock, Shelly only managed a nod. Amanda smiled, and piled the things she’d collected in Shelly’s arms. She then got up and discreetly pinched her friend in hopes of waking her up a little.

“Well we better get to class.” She said and walked out the door. Once out of their sight, she punched the air in triumph. Mission accomplished, she thought smugly.

About an hour later, Amanda spied Shelly and Brad walking side by side down the hall. The two just looked right together somehow, and Amanda had to credit herself for helping them meet. Shelly had her man, and Amanda had a potential. Everything was almost perfect, except for the fact that something was going on and their lives could go south at any moment because of it.

Her victory short lived, Amanda pulled out the note she had first begun in Mr. Brine's class. She scanned over what she'd written and decided it was almost finished. So she jotted a little bit more and signed her name at the bottom, and on second thought even added a P.S.

This had better work! She thought as she folded the paper and put it in her pocket for safe keeping then repeated, this had better work.


That night, Amanda walked home from her nightly workout alone. Brad had picked up Shelly for their date shortly after Amanda finished helping her roommate get ready. She had watched them go with a smile but, she was beginning to miss the constant chatter that Shelly provided as she walked along in silence. She fingered the note in her pocket nervously, and sped up her walk to make the distance go faster. She was just about to break into a jog when she rounded the corner and Nick came into view. Sighing with relief, she slowed her pace and moseyed up to his side where she sat down next to him. His ipod was back tonight and Amanda playfully tugged an earphone from his ear to get his attention.

“What are you listening to?” she asked with a smile. He returned the smile and rearranged the earphones before giving her one. Putting it in, she wasn’t surprised to hear the thrumming beat of an alternative rock song even if it wasn’t familiar to her. She listened for a minute, wondering what it was.

“What’s this song called?” she asked, “I kind of like it.” He laughed and pulled out his ipod.

“Apologize, by Timbaland. It’s one of my favorites.” He replied, handing her the little device. Sure enough, when Amanda looked at the screen, there was the name and artist. She smiled and began looking through his music for anything she knew but couldn’t seem to find anything.

“What are you doing tonight?” she wondered, still perusing his song lists.

“Nothing, the same as usual.” he said, his tone resigned.

“That’s okay. You never know when something might happen.” She said, and handed him the ipod back, “Here you choose a good song. I don’t know what you have.”

“Okay.” He laughed and began scrolling through the play list. As he did so, Amanda discreetly slipped the note from her pocket and pulled her sleeve over her hand and the paper. She’d only just finished when a new song began playing.

“What’s this one?” She asked, reaching for the ipod.

“Take a bow by Rihanna.” He replied, handing it back. As she looked at the screen, she brought up her other hand to support the little device and slipped the note onto the backside.

“Interesting choice of song,” She mused when she actually listened to a few lines of the lyrics. Nick laughed.

“I know it’s a break up song, but I like it for its music.” He said with a smile that made Amanda’s insides flutter.

“Yeah,” she said, trailing off. Suddenly she remembered what she was supposed to be doing and scolded herself. Now was not the time to go gaga over a cute boy’s smile.

“Well, even if you aren’t doing anything, I am. See you later.” she said, and slid the ipod and the hidden message into the pocket on his jacket. Pulling out the earpiece, she got up and began the walk home.

“Good night.” He called after her. She paused and turned.

“Good night. You know that's a nice jacket." she commented quietly as her eyes fell on the pocket with her message. He looked down to see what he was wearing and grinned.

"I borrowed it from my roommate." he said and sheepishly stuck his hands in the front pocket. Amanda laughed.

"You still look good in it." she said and waved as she once again began the walk home. She'd no sooner gone out of his sight when her fears returned and all her doubts began piling up. What if he didn't go? What if he thought she was crazy and threw the note in the trash? What if he was one of the bad guys? What if he were only pretending to be friendly when he was really horrible underneath? Amanda sighed and shook her head. There were too many what-ifs to think about, and it wasn't like she could get the message back now. So, she would just have to let it be and see what would happen, even if it almost killed her to do it.

Copywrite Allora Heaton2010


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    • silverfoxygirl108 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago


      Thankyou! And who wouldn't love that name? It's amazing! ;) haha.

      It's ok that you got busy... just so long as you don't forget me again. jk :) It should be pretty easy to catch up. I only have one more than you read. But there are still more coming! Thanks for popping in!


    • ACSutliff profile image


      8 years ago

      Silvery Foxy,

      I love the combination of realism with the strangely super natural aspects of this story. Your characters are so real, and the super natural parts seem normal because of it. I can't wait to find out what Amanda's (still love that name!) dream is all about. That scene with the back and forth note was very well done. Their teacher made me laugh.

      Sorry it's been so long, but I got busy. Please don't let me forget you again! I am planning to catch up as soon as possible with this story.


    • silverfoxygirl108 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      lol! Glad you thought it was good K! I had fun writing it... Although I think the note was a little cheesy... I will keep you posted and thanx for the comment!

    • kaltopsyd profile image


      8 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Ooh, I love "Apologize!" Great song choices for this Hub. Nick is quite interesting. Oh and that scene in the classroom with the tossing of the notes between the friend had me laughing. I would have never been able to do that--I'm no good at catching stuff, or throwing for that matter.

      Good installment. Your descriptions of the events were great. Keep me posted for your next chapter. Feel free to email me.


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