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An ancient strategy

Updated on May 23, 2011

Divide and conquer
the Roman way
that strategy succeeded
until this very day

If we could only see
what we do to our own kind
the biggest tragedy
but most of us are blind

Blind to all the hatred
and the disease
not willing to help
not wanting to please

Wrapped up in a world
of false pretence
chasing only shadows
wasting every chance

to a world of peace
where things can grow
where all are one
where all may know

what it is
to truly hear and see
what it is
to really be free

Respect one and other
lend a helping hand
stand beside each other
until the very end

Do not let an ancient
divide mankind
into slavery

Please realize
that the boys on top
want this to happen
so please just stop

Stop playing the game
they want you to
free yourselves
it’s up to you

Stop the hatred
and the deceit
wake up to life
It’s Love what you Need



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