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An elegy written in desolation

Updated on August 3, 2014


The lines that I have written below were effulgent from a torn heart. When I heard the news I was very sad and to ease my stifling feelings I wrote this poem. I have paraphrased the stanzas for the sake of clarity.


Instigates the incidence

due to profound influence

in my mind that being onerous,

the incident which produces woes.

My heart drenched with the fact

of the dolorous impact

in the charred earth

happens a life`s dearth

of fifteen lady`s frame

flayed by collision`s cram.

Mean :- The poet says that an incident has caused a deep sorrow in his mind. The poet is very sad because of ghastly accident which has endangered the life of fifteen girls.

An Adolescent Girl

An Indian Girl
An Indian Girl | Source


What to depict, what to leave!

entangled I`m and don`t know to weave

lyrical craft on the pile of the papers.

The Yamraj who`s omniferous trappers

of the soul which is retained

by a creature and sustained.

The people, myths babble

that it`s writ and wabble.

They counting their last breath

and garnishing the funeral wreath

Mean:- The poet does not know what he must leave and what he must include in his poetry. He is completely in a state of commotion. The God of death(Yamraj in Hindu Myths ) has every where his servants who are ready to trap a person in death valley any time. The people and our scriptures say that death of a person has already been defined. The victims are counting their last breath and soon they will be termed as dead.

Cremation under Process

English: Cremation is the process of reducing dead bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments. This is accomplished through burning—high temperatures, vaporization and oxidation.
English: Cremation is the process of reducing dead bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments. This is accomplished through burning—high temperatures, vaporization and oxidation. | Source


Of scripting the nature

of the day which lent vicious mure

to the crossed adolescence

the lady`s strike with the lance,

the veins inept to store blood

and whole frame lapped flood

when they got their demise

mourn in conspectus got rise.

The flaw of the driver

due to which many hearts shiver.

Mean :- The poet now discusses the type of day it was when it imperiled the life of girls. After the collision took place their veins are damaged and they are lapped in blood. Now many of them are already dead and due to this aware public is mourning. It all happened due to the mistake of the driver and his mistake has born a lurid result.


Some of them crossed oblivion

and some prolonging towards the mission.

The world where every thing`s light,

this fact only for the wight.

For an impostor : a horrible bite!

The dark atmosphere full of fright.

So they can`t be conjectured

on the above ventured.

Quoth that I lay

for the girls not crossed their teens way.

Mean;- Some of them has already crossed oblivion(The boundary which defines consciousness and unconsciousness) and some will cross soon. The poet discusses about the world one sees as soon as he is dead. The world is very good and ethereal for the ones who have lived their life morally but ones who are amoral for them it is a dark chamber. But the poet assures that the girls will see the former because they were still in their teens hence almost innocent.

A terrible road accident.
A terrible road accident. | Source


The weird hap that in extant,

with the souls, their lifeline pant.

Grief that defeated my blithe

which few hours ere sheathe.

My conscience which is now in bale

and I listen my heart`s wail.

This tragedy why confronted ?

my ear, since eyes have not affronted.

They being sprinkled and sprouted

in their spring and uprooted.

Mean:- The poet calls the present moment as the weird since the affected girls are struggling for a spark of life. The sorrow has defeated the cheerfulness of poet which was present in poet before he heard the news. The poet is now lamenting and he listens to his heart which, at present moment, is crying. The poet says that lots of weird things keep happening in the world but why he heard the news. The poor girls who had just crossed their adolescent age were deceased.


I don`t know their spec

at morn`s dawn or eve`s wreck.

They are not knack even to breathe

unconscious about the writhe

linked to her relatives

paternal, maternal lives,

now that being sterile lands

swards that flung in Saharan sands.

They are in nursing home

scrutinized to prevent some.

Mean;- The poet does not know what they(poor girls) had in their mind either in morning or when the disastrous event took place. The poor girls cannot even breathe and they do not know what a terrible emotional crisis has fallen on their relatives who`s lives now can be compared to infertile lands where no flower of happiness will bloom. The affected bodies are continued to be nursed so to prevent some.

A Matter of Emotional Attachment

Do unnatural death of strangers hurt you ?

See results


O master ! that wherret,

that sparkled fret

in my pondering chamber,

concentrated melancholy; ere a rambler,

that spears that being hangs,

on everybody`s head whilst vehicle clangs.

Blubbering for the materialism,

very good spank by theism,

I weetless about the state

of wounded soul; may deterioration rebate.

Mean:- The poet now then turns to god and asks about the blow of the fate on girls that has made him sad and all the sorrows in his heart which were astray are now concentrated. He discusses metaphorically about the death which always lurks on human beings when they are in a vehicle. Then he attacks in a way the materialism that has caused modern accidents and he further says that he is completely unaware of the condition of the wounded souls but he prays that they may be resuscitated.


Whoa! now we see;

my heart with brimmed lament be;

that due to one`s fault

all fifteen faced parlous assault.

Defaulter being lasted for several hours

now he cowers,

for his mistake flenched innocents,

whether alive or passed everybody resents.

The crowd gathered along

at the place which is away a furlong.

Mean:- The poet says that his heart might get completely imbued with the grief and he says that it all happened due to one`s fault. The culprit is also fatally injured but he has continued to survive and now he must be shivering after seeing such a horrible sight due to his mistake. The incident took place nearly a furlong away from the room of the poet.


My elder brother drudging

and as a spunk trudging

past the hurt souls--

cared into hospital-- and prowls

not to be ceased

and rebirth chances to be increased.

The more avid fervented

more chagrin sneaks in the heart not prevented.

I am not sure of their existence,

purged ere as it`s impossible fence.

Mean:- The poet`s elder brother is doing all he can to save the life of those innocent yet poor girls. The girls are treated into the hospital so that they can be resuscitated. The more poet thinks of their survival more annoyed and frustrated he gets because he knows that this is almost impossible.


The momentous adversity,

only they could have been witty

to capture it in their intellect

but after partition how can one select.

Of course! an excellent hearsay:

the last one unscratched; a gay,

she may explain the incident

with the benevolence, ardent.

The irksome rumor I hear--

sometime-- all dead this I fear.

Mean:- At the time adversity arrived only the victims could have seen the exact cause of the accident but even they are now aphasic. An soothing rumor poet hears is one girl is saved. She might be able to explain what has happened. But sometimes poet hears that all are dead and it disturbs poet very much.


But the next day`s news paper,

and on any`s wrapper,

we`ll get the correct news.

This troth but are editorial views.

Of sadism that crawls

and the humanity which sprawls

to be explained forth,

the deeds of doctors, cops are nothing of worth.

They refrain from their responsibility

thus creating good versus bad hostility.

Mean:- The rumors are of course! but the next day we will get correct news but then poet frets because even a news is appraised by the Editor before it is published. Then poet spills his anger on doctors and cops whom he considers derelict.


Implore, beseech and other marks,

that may prove rejoicing sparks,

for the beholder who`s trove

is full with love

for his generations-- though they are shirkers,

but not all some are workers.

Prevent the fluttering souls

I spread for alms my cowls.

The dirge I chant bestowed to the girls

peace to them my heart furls.

Mean:- Then poet requests God, since his(God`s) heart is full with boundless love, for his sons and daughters-- even though they(public) are depraved. But not all are slackers; some are industrious. The poet prays to prevent those fluttering souls and dedicates the elegy to the injured girls and prays peace to the deceased girls.


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