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An Unborn Child's Letter to Her Mother (Poem)

Updated on October 1, 2015

A Letter to My Mommy

Dear Mommy, can I call you that?

Maybe just this one time?

You know I still long for you,

even after you refused to call me, "mine."

You know I really thought you were ready,

Was I surprised that you didn't even love daddy!

Or did you mommy?

Was I wrong?

Did you really love each other all along?

If yes, then why did you leave me?

Why did you let those people hurt me?

All I ever wanted was a family

That's why I don't understand, Mommy,

I really thought you love me,

Father said it'll be alright,

He told me that He told you to love and take care of me day and night,

But I wondered why tears were clouding up His eyes,

Now I know, for you've let go,

Mommy, I wanted to fight!

I wanted to see you,

And experience that most awaited, "love at first sight!"

But you said, "no,"

Mommy, you've let go.

I thought you love me.

Did I rush you?

Were you not ready?

But I am confident that you know that I was ready for you,

Or did I scare you?

I don't think it's true!

Mommy, you are beautiful!

So how can I be scary if I'm as beautiful as you?

What about Daddy?

What did he say?

Did he not want to carry me?

They say Daddy's are strong enough to carry babies like me everyday!

So I wonder if my Daddy was, too.

Even so, I'll always love the both of you!

Mommy, one more thing,

Did you not noticed that I was always hugging you?

Even when I still had no face, I already felt how much I love you!

And how I loved those moments when I heard you sing!

But I was always confused when I hear you calling me a, "thing."

Oh, I'm sorry if this is getting quite long,

I just really miss you mommy,

But now, to you, I no longer belong,

Mommy, if you have kept me,

what would've been my name?

Will it have the same letters as yours?

Will it sound the same?

It would've been so nice to have a name!

And did you know Mommy that I felt your pain when you were bleeding?

I was so worried that I didn't realize that it was only me leaving.

And just like that came our sorrowful goodbye,

though I'm not sure if you even let out a cry,

all I could think of that time was, "Why Mommy? Why?"

My letter ends here, Mommy,

I'm not sure if we will ever get to see each other,

I hope that we'll do!

And maybe that time, you will love me, too?

with love,

your unborn child.


Soli Deo Gloria

Please take the time to watch this.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      This is sure to touch every truly feminine heart. Really, every heart! Thanks for the message.

    • Ameraka profile image

      Evelyn 2 years ago from Wisconsin

      I like how it's a letter written from the point of view of the baby. Love is something so obvious sometimes we forget it's what's most important.