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Analogies a Part of Language

Updated on March 17, 2015

Analogies are word relations that induce comparisons between ideas or things that highlight and share certain aspects, features or characteristics, but are then dissimilar in other areas. An analogy can be a spoken or written contrast between two words or two sets of words to highlight some form of semantic relationship between them. Analogies deliver prospects to learn significant critical intellectual skill ideas such as vocabulary, comparisons, dissimilarities, categories, opposites, purposes etc.

Remember: An analogy is a relationship taking the arrangement "J is to K as L is to M." The connection between J and K is related to the relationship between L and M.

Analogies are broadly recognized as playing an important empirical role, by way of supporting discovery. When students see and understand the connection between things over analogies, they tend to build knowledge and study about things. This helps in expanding their creativity and children ascertain innovative methods to use things and make wider links between things. Expanding on analogies also helps increase a child’s knowledge base. Example: An arrow is to hunting as a pen is to writing.

Other examples,

  1. Bird: Cage:: Dog : _______ (Kennel)
  2. Bed: Bedroom:: Stove: ________ (Kitchen)
  3. Hairbrush: Hair:: Toothbrush: ________(Teeth)

How Analogies can be Taught

Learning Analogies are fun when you think “outside the box.” Analogies can be taught by:

  • Using actual things to display what is similar and different between them
  • Make a tilt of comparisons and dissimilarities
  • Writing the description of objects to determine what is common
  • Sketching images of objects to see resemblances and variances

Analogy examples are the best way to show the meaning of the word “analogy.” Common analogies and an explanation of their meaning are:

  • I am going to be toast when I get to the studio. – This implies when someone is in trouble with their significant other
  • Jessica is like a rock. – This means Jessica is steadfast and strong
  • I feel like a fish out of water. – This denotes that you are not comfortable in your environment
  • John was as quiet as a mouse. – Which means John was very silent or quiet

Analogy links two different actions; with a parallel edifice, providing the entity used and the action in which it is used. Analogies may be as long and intricate or as short and succinct. Whatever the case may be, they are best used to communicate feelings about the things compared.


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