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Analysis Becasue I Could Not Stop For Death

Updated on January 24, 2018

Analysis of Because I Could Not Stop For Death

The speaker in “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” seems to be a woman who is looking forward to dying, so she can live in eternity. Death is portrayed as her finance who is taking her not to their wedding, but to the afterlife.

They were having a quality time in the carriage because the speaker said, “We slowly drove-he knew no haste” this suggests she was really excited so spend her time with death which is represented as a gentleman in a carriage and they are having a good time in the carriage together. So, they are not in hurry and are driving slowly while talking to each other and enjoying the journey.

In the third stanza, she wrote about the whole life cycle from childhood to middle age in brief the speaker said, “We passed the school, where Children strove” this is the childhood stage of the speaker life. Then the speaker said, “At Recess – in the ring” in this quotation the ring represents the circle of life and then in the last line of the third stanza the speaker says, “We passed the setting sun” the setting sun represents death because sun set is the end of the day and this is the end of the life of the speaker. The journey takes in a school where the children gather to work out their futures - seen as a ring or circle - and the grain, subject to the seasonal rounds, stands to gaze as if spellbound in the fields. The daily bread is postponed or may be daily food.

She is comparing her grave to a house she said “We paused before a House that seemed A swelling of the Ground -” in this quotation the speaker is comparing her grave to a house and house is a place where everyone feels comfortable so, this shows she is comfortable in her grave. She put a dash (-) at the end of every sentence because it means that it would never end.

In the begging of the sixth stanza the speaker said, “Since then – tis Centuries – and yet Feels shorter than a Day” this shows that she is dead from centuries and she is enjoying, as well as she is comfortable with her death. It hardly seems more than a day. Then she says, “I first surmised the Horses Heads Were towards Eternity” The word surmised suggests that the speaker intuitively knew the horses were heading for eternity and the speaker is that much happy with death that’s she wants to enjoy in for eternity, but yet there was no evidence.

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