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Analysis of “Phenomenal Woman" by Angelou, Maya.

Updated on March 21, 2017

The poem specifically describes the power of a woman. According to the author, a woman has been characterized with various characteristics which make her stronger and how she can attract men. The poem was written by Maya Angelou. The author describes herself as pretty being who is unique attracting a large variety of people both men and fellow ladies. The poem uses various stylistic devices to make the story entertaining. The poem is expounded to reveal the real truth of a woman. Throughout the poem, the author exposes the features that she possesses that are seen as irresistible. In the stylistic nature, the author uses metaphor, symbolism, rhythm among others to make a proper division of the poem.
Analysis of the poem with stylistic devices
The poem uses a specific genre as well as a distinctive type of art. The poem incorporates the genre of fiction. The fiction displayed in the poem corresponds mainly to the kind of character and behavior that the author wants to portray. The poet explains how the lady enters the room with her waist swinging and curls lips. The fiction comes in the place where the writer says that the men fell to their knees after seeing the lady. The type of stylistic impression is a fiction which is not possible. The first stanza describes physical traits that make her uniqueness from her hips to smile. The poem is rhythmical having a good and smooth flow. The second stanza has a more rhythmical structure which makes it very enjoyable and exciting. The woman in the poem is stereoscopic and celebrates her body to the uniqueness nature that makes them different from other women. The character of superiority and uniqueness is expressed to give an amazing description of the lady. A reader could be more impressed to see the real nature of the woman. The symbolism device used in the poem gives a true picture of the beauty of the woman. The stanza that says “it is the fire in my eyes and the flash of my teeth.” Is defining the real scenario and outlook of the lady. The fire symbolizes the shining of the eyes. The flash in the teeth signifies a smile. The smile explained is the attractive smile that gives and seduces men on their first sight. The author tries to account for the beauty of the woman using symbols and images which can be reviewed (Angelou, 1994).
The poem is broken down into five stanzas. Angelou uses the unconventional rhyme scheme. The poem begins with a couplet in the initial two lines: “Pretty woman wonder where my secret lies, am not cute of made to fit a fashion model size” the use of rhyme is sporadic. The author repeatedly ends the lines with words that end in “s” the rhymes add to the sultry and mostly sensual tone of the poem most cases when the poem is read loudly.
On the other hand, Angelou does not use more of figurative language. She uses a metaphor while comparing men swooning around her to bees present in a hive of honey. The comparison is more of primitive to human sexuality. The metaphor is based on the fact that bees are naturally attracted to the sweet honey, men are as well attracted to the woman.
Angelou relies on repetition throughout the poem ending most her stanzas with “that is me.” Furthermore, the phrase, Phenomenal woman” is repeated in many parts of the poem hence emphasizing the unconditional beauty to the girl. The word means both being extraordinary and impressive as well. The girl is almost ridicule by saying that she is lucky enough for being a woman. The character of pride is one of the main characters in the poem. The girl compliments herself by comparing with the other girls. The girl has put much credit on her beauty throughout the poem. The confidence and pride are what makes her describe more of what she can do. In the fourth stanza, she needs her readers to understand why and how she always walks while her head is held high. She tells that she needs not to do something more loudly to get the attention of men. The pride extends by appraising the curve in her hair, the sound of her heels and the palm of the forehead which collectively make her a phenomenal woman (Carpenter-Aeby, Tracy, and Victor, 285).
The poem discusses how Angelou has allure as a woman. She continuously exposes the attributes that make her irresistible mostly to men. She describes the physical traits that make her the most beautiful girl of all. The author incorporated a lot of stylistic devices such as symbolism, metaphor, repetitiveness and comparison. The devices are specifically used to make the reader entertained


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