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And All Between (Book Two of the Green-sky Trilogy), by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Updated on November 22, 2015

When we left the world of Green-sky at the end of "Below the Root", our characters had found out that the "Pash-shan" were, in fact, the Erdlings, the descendants of Kindar who had been kept as political prisoners. The Wissenroot was designed to be the walls of the prison. Genaa had discovered that her father was still alive in Erda; and Raamo and D'ol Falla had decided that the wasting illness and loss of Spirit-skills among the Kindar were the result of the separation between the Erdlings and the Kindar and the gulf between the Kindar and the Ol'zhaan, as well. As a result, our heroes came to the decision that the Erdlings and Kindar needed to be reunited.

But before we can see how Falla and Raamo plan to reunite the peoples and watch them put their plan into action, we go back to the beginning of "Below the Root" and see those days through the eyes of Teera and the Erdlings.

While I am very glad we covered this territory, once Teera reaches the surface, we had to watch the same dialogue rehashed with a different perspective character, which got a little tiring after a while. We needed to see Erdling society and the events that led up to Teera's departure from Erda. We needed to see Teera adjusting to the world above the root, both on her own in the forest, and then while living with the D'oks. And, I believe, we especially needed to see the scene where Teera's parents tell her that they were going to have to eat Haba. We see both how sorry her parents are that they are going to have to sacrifice the lapan, and also Teera being told that the Erdlings have actively put off sacrificing Haba because of her status as an only child. The reader still feels for Teera, but these scenes make the Erdlings more sympathetic than they seem in the first book.

After Teera runs away, we also see the Erdlings looking for her. Her parents search for her for days, and once everyone else has to go back to work, her father is excused from his job to continue the search.

As we know, word will reach her parents that Teera is all right and is in Orbora. This moment happens at roughly the halfway point of "And All Between".

At this point, just as Raamo and Falla decide to reunite the Kindar and Erdlings, someone kidnaps Pomma and Teera, and a "tool of violence" from the old world disappears. This is where the new plot starts.

Before they know that Pomma and Teera have been kidnapped, Raamo, Falla, Genaa, and Neric decide that someone should go to Erda and bring Hiro D'anhk, Genaa's father, back. They decide to send Genaa and Neric, and Falla provides them with the location of the entrance where they leave the Verban, those who are banished to Erda. The pair take some food and go to the surface, where they head off into the darkness of the tunnels.

After Genaa and Neric have left, Raamo and Falla find out that Regle has both the tool of violence and the children. Raamo and Falla buy some time by getting Regle to agree not to do anything until after Genaa and Neric return.

As "And All Between" is an Erda-centric volume, it is fitting that most of the action in the second half of "And All Between" takes place in Erda. We follow Genaa and Neric through the far-flung tunnels that lead to the city of Erda, and watch the Erdlings' reactions to two Ol'zhaan in their midst. Not only Ol'zhaan, even, but Ol'zhaan who say that they want to free the Erdlings.


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