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And, I, a child...

Updated on June 1, 2010

For the "Prince of Tides..."


And I, A Child...

   (For the "Prince of Tides")



And I, a child of the storm, sought refuge in the lighthouse

of your strength

yet was turned away-back to the turbulent oceans

to a world of wonder.


A child of the storm, forced back to the waters

has no place there

the world of wonder has no place for her.

The waters are unkind and unforgiving

releasing nothing...


And I, a child of the storm, came to you for rescue

again was turned away

stranded on an island of disillusions...Alone.

Forced on a solitary voyage, to find a place in the wonder.


You, the conductor of my symphonies, were to tune my songs in keys

of faith. Yet it was not to be-my song was without rhyme or

reason-knowledge or power.

And I was destined to be lost in the wonder without belief.

A child of the storm can find no shelter in the harsh winter


ushering in seasons of change.


You were to be my navigator-keeping me on course.

That too was not to be.

For I drifted further-wandered deeper

lost without hope in the world of wonder.


And I, a child of the storm-ran to you for protection, comfort and


But you knew nothing of these things and I was left abandoned

on the shores of my youth

swimming in the unforgiving currents

to reach sun drenched lands

of promises fulfilled-hopes realized.

Before the journey could end, I, a child, had to survive the storm.


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    • alternate poet profile image

      alternate poet 7 years ago

      I like the surging feeling of storminess stuff :) nice one.