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And So...This Raygun Falls Silent.

Updated on November 30, 2009




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So Ronnie's raygun,
which beamed dazzling rays
of optimism into the blind eyes
of all repuglicans,
has been refracted back
upon him, as fate seals
his own eyes forever.

now he lies in state,
in Dubya's united
states of lies.

He was a pleasant enough man,
who helped bring
down the Berlin wall,
but he had little love
for the minorities who
were oppressed, under his
own leadership.
Racial polarization spread
under his jaundiced eye.

The wealthy loved him,
he gave them all
the props needed
to build empires, based on
entitlement, and lawessness.
Greed reigned!

Welfare was scorned
by Ronnie personally,
he used to joke about
the cadillacs, and the
food stamps that
paid for them,
ignoring the needs,
of a massive portion
of the populus.

Thus the poor became fodder,
sound familiar folks???
as the wealthy
saluted their leading man,
in a B-movie about
a country full of
record deficits,
desperate homelessness,
rampant unemployment,
and rising poverty.

Plus I have not even mentioned
the Iran contra mess,
instituted later by dubya's daddy.

Alas, our raygun is silent now,
and most of upper America
has gotten temporary Alzhiemers,
as they praise him,
and overlook all of his failings.

that is fine for eulogies,
for I too am saddened
by any man's passing,
but some of these buffoons
who seek to carve his face
in Mt. Rushmore,
should turn around and face
the stone cold facts.

He was a bad actor
in a leading role
that failed to lead most.
He simply ignored civil rights,
and championed the affluent.
He poisoned us against government,
while beaming false optimism,
that made us believe
our America was great,
while leaving most of
it's people out
of the credits,
right up until the end.

So long Ronnie
we'll miss your
powerful raygun,
as we deal with aliens
that have destroyed 4,462
of our own unavenged,
and as we suffer through
Son of bush,
part of another legacy
you left us with your V.P.
who soured America even more.

Godspeed to you
thanks for the wall
you helped take down
I've got a piece of it somewhere
Godspeed to your soul
and may you get
all your just rewards.
Much sympathy to your family.

I'll think of you
the next time they show
Bedtime for Bonzo, and
I'll wince at how you
monkeyed around with America
for eight years, making us
all believe in your
happy-go-lucky shot
at immortality.
Then I'll turn it off
and try to forget
what little that offered.


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