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And Then God Killed Me

Updated on July 9, 2017
Evil God
Evil God

I stood in the middle of the chaos, wondering why he allowed this to happen

Who is he protecting? Who does he remember? Who has he forgotten?

Lifeless children lay slaughted in the streets with their bloods making graffiti

This little one who lays here, burned, shot, dead was only a baby

For decades they had given us the Bible and told us to sing praises

But he is never around when needed, has left to die the children and the ladies

But was he ever a God to me? I begin to look back in the past

When we were shackled and brought to a strange land, fed lies so we could forget the pass

Never has he lifted a finger to fight with me, or given me strength in my time of need

Yet praises we sing unto him even when our sons and daughters bleed.

Suddenly, thunderous feet ran towards me trembling the Earth

Fathers dashed by, children trampled, pregnant mothers nearing to give birth

It is them again, God's evil army had retuned

They had already destroyed most of the City, I guess this time it is flesh they want to burn.

I stood my ground, anticipating my life being snuffed away

And surely as I stood they approached me, dressed in stars and grey.

A tall demon walked up towards me, pulled his weapon and fired straight towards my head

Yes, Their God did kill me, but he freed my trapped soul instead.


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 5 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Thanks GalaxyRat

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 5 weeks ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      I love this. He may kill you, but at least you're going to a better place! Excellent job my friend.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Vladimir. Thanks for your Philosophical input.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Billybuc. May the good force be with you pal.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Hello Eric, whats up? Thanks for commenting.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Hi coffeequeen. Yes, free will is always talked about. So if freewill is acceptable we can safely say that there is no good or evil.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 6 weeks ago from Nibiru

      Hey Ryan, Thanks for the words man.

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 weeks ago from Louisiana, USA

      Such power and emotion in this poem. People are evil sometimes. I've been through my share of tragedies but I always try to focus my attention to positive outcome or the lesson to be learned. Great work.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 6 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      It's a well written poem and I see where you're coming from. But man is of his own doing I'm afraid. God gives us free will.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 6 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Clive, no man should ever think himself a thinker without thoughts upon these lines. I will leave conclusions to the wiser ones.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 6 weeks ago from Olympia, WA

      Oh, buddy, I think I'll pass on the theology questions in this, and simply say I love the poem/prose. Tense, action-packed, goosebumps stuff here. :)

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 6 weeks ago from Canada

      Clive---Your god has nothing to do with any of it---it's only people doing the killing out of their partially animalistic nature. The only difference being that animals kill for food, for territoriality, and protection---whereas people kill for some more "noble" reasons, like "proving" something or whatever.

      Nevertheless, I like your poem even though it's a sort of heavy with pessimism. At its ending---no, my friend, your soul doesn't get "free" with your death, it gets free when YOU make it so. You drag your "shackles" only for as long as you don't see that all along you got the key to undo them.