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And so she waited

Updated on August 16, 2012

She sat and waited by the wooden door of the world she wants to enter
she without a key, she with a slowly dying burning flame of hope held in her hand , a hand she longed for him to hold
"Where is he ? " she asked herself. "I've waited so long"
The bright green grass was beginning to fade, and this world she lived in seemed less beautiful than it used to be. The tree's didn't hold much history in them anymore, she no longer walked through the forest wondering what lovers had once trapsed through the grounds. Her love for the stories of people, the air , the birds was slowly fading . Just like the candle she held, with its flame flickering in the soft summer breeze. She had kept a steady eye on it for the past few minutes, telling the flame with her mind not to go out. If that flame went out he would not arrive for sure. She had not told him to meet her here. She just persumed that when he was done with lifes obstacles they would meet , beside the apple tree in the hidden forest , she wanted to engrave their names in the tree with him , just like all of the past lovers did before they left this world for the next happily hand in hand. She knew quite well his heart was already promised to someone else, a beautiful girl at that. But she hoped that whoever it was out there beyond the marshmellow clouds that filled the sky and beyond whatever was next, was writing her story , her life story. And they were putting everything in place for her, giving her tale , twists and turns and pain and hope. Everything her story needed to be interesting , everything she needed to have put across her so she could learn from life. So despite the girls frustration she did not question the writer , the God, whoever it was that was controling every movement, breath, laugh , sigh , step, dance that was leading her to the moment where he would arrive and tell her he was looking and waiting for her too. He had the key, how else could she ever enter the world , the paradise she so badly wanted to inhabite. He must know? They were meant to be. Did he not notice it when they first met, the chemisty , the love , the passion? But his heart was taken ...
So still she waits the wooden door , and the daisys ,waiting to join the world she always dreamt of , she waits, candle in hand watching the flame, hoping he will find her soon.


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