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And so tonight I am adorned in serenity...........Poem

Updated on May 8, 2014

I have done all I can I've fallen in love
but blindly and so forgiven
I have danced to the dawns
drunken on lust and driven

Yet tonight I am old I listen to
the ivory keys and the peepers in solemn night
one thing I am happy for is this peace
and the next day the dawning light

All else seems to be slowed down to
realizations and brief mind spells
much like a nightmare or dream all too
soon it tells

Come with me ! I could use the company
and the chance of seeing in double
No ...I'm just kidding .....but for company
is it too much trouble

I am adorned tonight in serene thoughts
a peaceful navigation
Still though ....join me
in serene celebration


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