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And the Lord Krishna Created Love

Updated on February 14, 2020
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An Air Warrior and devotee of Lord Krishna has published over 120 short stories and 15 books on fiction and 4 on military history.

The Beginning

After two decades in the airforce, Randhir decided to hang up his flying overalls and G-suite. He was 41, a bachelor and decided to wear mufti and become a veteran. Popularly call Randy, he had been a Master Green on the MiG- 27 but now he felt that his life was becoming routine and he craved for some more excitement. He put on his retirement papers.

The adjutant a young Flight Lieutenant called him over to his office.

"Sir", he said, "the ministry has approved your retirement. The government letter is out. You will be a free man by the end of this month though you will remain part of the air force reserve for five years."

" That's fine," Randy replied, "give me a copy of the government letter."

At the end of the month, Randy packed his belongings and left the Chabua airbase. He decided to travel in his car to the western part of India located in the ghats (mountains). He was heading for the tribal areas in the Western Ghats. This was close to the city of Palghar.

Randy had been interviewed a few weeks back for the post of director of a tribal welfare project. He remembered his last interview with the Air Officer Commanding, Air Vice Marshal Bruce Taylor an Anglo-Indian. He had initially tried to change the mind of Randy from retiring but when he insisted, he told him that he would speak to a friend in Geneva and get an appointment as a project director in tribal welfare scheme.

Randy had got the appointment and he was given 30 days to take charge of the project. The tribal area nestled in the mountainous Ghats was only 150 miles from Bombay but the tribals lived in abysmal conditions and it appears that the fruits of civilization had not reached them.

The Impact Foundation, which ran the project was monitored by the WHO. They had selected him in the hope that he would streamline the entire plan and marshall all the resources. He was also aware that 6 scientists with doctorates in tribal welfare would report to him.

Randy took up his appointment as the project director. He found the job interesting and concentrated on his work. He missed his flying days but some things can't be helped

One day while driving in the forest Ronnie came across an old temple. He was a religious man and he got down to pray. Inside the temple when he paid his obeisance to the diety a voice from the back called him.

"Look," the voice told him, " it is the lord which has brought you here and the Lord will show you the way further."

Randy looked back and saw an old priest smiling. The priest stepped forward and put his hand on his head, "young man, you are very lucky that you have come here because everybody who comes here gets something."

"Are you married?" he asked.

"No," Randy replied," I'm not and I don't plan to get married as well"

The priest smiled, "you do not know the power of Lord Krishna, maybe you will have a great gift from him, wait and see."

Randy went back to his bungalow and parked his land cruiser in the garage. He didn't believe in anything the priest had said. He remembered that almost a decade back he had had an affair with a princess. The girl had ditched him at the last moment, creating a crisis for him. At that time Randy had decided that he would never marry though he wouldn't mind an affair now and then.

The chef laid out the dinner. Randy, however, wanted a drink and went to the bar closet and pulled out a bottle of Chivas Regal his favorite scotch.

The Coming of Sally

The admin officer a young man from Bengal rang him up. He was a bachelor and said," Sir, why don't you come over to my apartment for a drink, as I am all alone."

Randy, however, told him, "don't worry my boy, come over to my place and I'll give you a peg of Chivas Regal."

The admin officer walked to the bungalow of Randy. He entered and sat down. Randy poured the young man a drink.

"What news you have for me?" asked Randy.

"Sir, I have a cable from Geneva. A young American social worker named Sally Field is coming here. She will be staying for 40 days and we must make arrangements for her."

"That's wonderful," Randy replied," make all the arrangements and when she comes, bring her to me."

A week later Sally arrived at the headquarters of the project. She was ushered into the office of the Director by the admin officer. Dhoni looked at her and his heart almost missed a beat. He was stunned by her beauty. He was stunned to note that she looked almost like the princess who had jilted him. She had applied lipstick liberally and the red color contrasted with her fair skin. Her short hair was tied in a ponytail. Her large, almond-shaped eyes accentuating her looks.

She wore a short skirt and Skechers. Randy liked everything about her, as he offered a cup of tea and they got down to a discussion. Just then the telephone rang and Randy picked it up. The man at the other end was the vice president of the project. GH TobaccoWalla. He told Randy, "the WHO has sent a young American girl. Look after her so she doesn't get into any trouble because in the tribal belt there are a few Naxals. You can't take anything for granted especially with a girl."

Randy put the receiver down and looked at Sally. He was aware that there were a few people who believed in MAO and the agrarian revolution. He knew they could create trouble.

He told Sally that this was a call from the Vice- President and he was interested in her safety. He further told her that she will be accompanying him to all the tribal villages. He hoped she wouldn't mind it.

Sally liked Randy. She was struck by his muscular demeanor and black mustache with the short beard. She looked at him and felt that she would be happy to go with him into the tribal areas.

Sally now began to move in the forest belt in the mountains with Randy. He dispensed with the driver and drove the land cruiser himself. More than two weeks passed and during these two weeks, a strange affinity began to build between the two. He took her to the temple of Lord Krishna and explained to her the significance of God. The priest who was not there the first time materialized during the second visit of the couple. Looking at Randy he smiled and said, "I am so glad you have come with this girl. This is the handiwork of the Lord because nothing takes place without his will."

"What was he saying?" Sally asked.

'Nothing, you don't have to bother, " but in his mind, he was not sure because he had become fond of Sally.

As they came out of the temple, the heavens darkened and thunder crashed in the sky. One man approached them. He carried a long stick with a pointed end.

Ÿou," he said, "I know you are the director here but I am going to request you to go away from here."


"You don't belong here and in any case, I have one other person inside the bushes. We don't want to kill you but we want this girl."

These words were uttered by the tribal thinking that the unarmed director would be frightened. He had not bargained for what was to come to. Randy had attended the Jungle and Snow Survival school and the Hand Combat course. He moved with lightning speed and struck the man on the neck. Before he knew what had happened, he crumpled on the soft earth. The girl was a little bewildered and she looked at Randy with awe. "Thank you, sir, should we be getting back now".

He caught her hand and led her to the land cruiser. Her hand was soft, pliable, and warm. He wanted to squeeze it but just led her to the land cruiser and opened the door.

Tryst of Love

As Sally and Randy got into the SUV, the heavens broke asunder and lightning flashed across the sky. The Ghats are prone to heavy monsoons. Thunder boomed and boomed and a heavy downpour began. The visibility was reduced to zero. Randy remembered that his chef put a flask with coffee inside the vehicle. He looked at Sally and said, " there is heavy rain now and we are stuck here. Would you care for a cup of coffee?"

"Do you have coffee with you?" she asked incredulously.

"Ÿes," he replied, as he poured her cup.

Randy looked at the girl and was reminded once again of the princess. He said," You look very much like a girl I knew earlier but that is a long time back."


The gods then took a hand and lightning struck a tree nearby. The resultant crash shook the land cruiser and landed Sally in the arms of Ronnie. It was the magical moment that happens once or twice in a lifetime and Ronnie's lips imprisoned Sally. it was the longest kiss ever for her. Surprisingly she felt lightheaded and was wondering what is going to happen next. It all seems so unreal. To be in the arms of a man with thunder and lightning all around. She wondered why all this was happening.

She appeared powerless in the arms of Randy. He kissed her long and tenderly and after some time all he could do was to further down the path of bliss.

What followed was a hedonistic act, something hot and sophomoric as Randy unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her skirt down. She didn't react and remained as if in a trance. Randy paid homage at the altar of her beauty. They began to make love against the pulled back seat which creaked with their movement. It is common enough at such times to fantasize about arriving in a remote high place. He imagined himself strolling on a smooth, rounded mountain summit, suspended between two higher peaks. He was in an unhurried, reconnoitering mood, with time to go to a rocky edge and take a glimpse of the near-vertical screen down which he would shortly have to throw himself. It was a temptation to leap into clear space now, but he was a man of the world and he could walk away and wait. It was not easy, for he was being drawn back as he suckled her nipples. It was a hedonistic delight. …

She was calling to him, inviting him, murmuring in his ear. Exactly so. They would jump together. He was with her now, peering into an abyss, and they saw how they united and fused. She wondered what had come over her, inside the massive car. She was sitting in the jungles close to a temple of Lord Krishna thousands of miles from home and here she had allowed a man to mate with her. At the back of her mind, she vaguely remembered she had not had unprotected sex ever.Randy thrust inside her to fulfillment.

It was something which was bound to happen and Randy could not help feeling that what the Lord had said could be true. He recollected the words of the priest but soon banished all thoughts as he applied himself to the esoteric moment.

Later he laid her bare on the soft grass and with the rain beating on her, covered her with his body as he literally devoured her.

It was early morning when they drove back. The next month was ecstatic as Randy and Sally fused into one body. Ronnie found a newfound vigor and purpose in life. Sally realized she was in love with this man. But the days were passing and soon the 40 days were over.

Ronnie wanted to keep her with him but she had to go. He saw her at the airport and she waved to him and said, "if God wills, I will come back. Do you believe in Lord Krishna?''

"Yes, I do."

After almost 2 months he went again to the temple. He saw the priest praying at the temple and he waited till he finished. He looked and smiled,"Where is the beautiful girl who was with you?."

"She has left"

The priest just smiled again, "the Lord has willed it and she will come back."

A few days later a call came. It was from Sally.

"Randy," she said, "I am coming back as I have a gift for you. I believe the Lord has willed it."

A gift? Randy felt rubbery and sat on the bed. Yes, he was happy. Did she come back? Readers can guess.


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