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And the Smoke Arose

Updated on August 24, 2012

Poet Warriors


And The Smoke Arose

Unless they’re other things to do

I grab bowls on Thursdays too

And pen them to lips to see

What lies before me apparently

Enough for me to explore the tides

Of the tickly pulse of my vibes

I’m set to don a jagged crook

Look and look and look and look

Down paths we carry crafty feet

Sing a restive calm that tweets

Oh Captain of this blessed day

Why does “B” come after “A”

And the wind curse my curiosity

For I was an “I” that had never be

Hooray! And grab that sun’s mane

Declare hydrogen insane

Render a new home its thatched bursts

Of helium—next of the universe

Humans tend light years away

A microscope could not put fact to prey

As we target silly loons

That deserve to another lifetime soon

Cause it’s in the book they say

Our bullets are made of water’s spray

We’ve got you and we’ll try as hard

Under skies that are at large

To push you from the rump to sea

Gladly lose where you be

Cause you don’t have to own genius

To make the gods speak of us

Far away from where you don’t belong

Our veins course holy just as long

The present now a gift and state

We’re always at heaven’s gate

Light and dark and love and hate

Teeter on our knees like an axle

Remember that we’re all rascals

The smoke duly ran its course

Until we read it in Morse.

-Mike Head (8/16/12)


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