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And the moon, it followed me home

Updated on January 31, 2015

I fell asleep on the way, coming home from the game.

I gazed up to see I wasn't alone.

For this time, I would say, that my mind was to blame.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I was sure I could bare, the thought that it might scare.

But I'd hoped it wouldn't take that tone.

It just winks and it glows, but there's something it knows.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I just can't shake its path; Will I feel it's great wrath?

It seems to be there wherever I roam.

Keep in mind, I was nine. Now I understand why.

And the moon, it followed me home.

I survived, that whole time. With that white ball up high.

I started to comfort in all it's great glow.

For as long as it's alive, thank God, then so am I.

And the moon, it followed me home.


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    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      I spent many of nights with just the moon to keep me safe at night. I loved this.