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Angel of my Heart

Updated on November 15, 2012

My sweet soft woman ..

I miss you like a thirsty man misses water..
like a stone misses the hill he rolled down just to be able..
to feel the motion of motion. Your eyes are like two stars in the sky ,
sparkling like works of art .
You are only as far away as the moon in the night... for to look up
and see the same moon... that your eyes peered upon is my satisfaction.
I hold you tightly and kiss your soft neck , lick you with a tiny flicker of my tongue,
that will make you know... that I do bring true love to your inner soul.
My angel of my heart... you are the one that fills my dreams and meets me in the moonlight.
Your sweet lips make my heart.... feel your inner heat.
I make love to you ...while floating among the stars ,..
.you and me entwined... like a river and the slope,
pulling and moving, wet and flowing togetherness,
one in each other always..and forever
Ahh the world is at peace
when we are above
in the clouds of our passion .
Long held... until they explode from the want
we have for each other.
I will make you feel me... and I send you my love... from the other side of the world.


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    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Thank you Dotti, a woman who writes such deep emotional lines giving great compliments is a joy.

    • D.Juris Stetser profile image

      D.Juris Stetser 5 years ago from South Dakota

      "I make love to you...while floating among the stars".. beautiful! beautiful and brilliant Michael and I must add, deliciously erotic and Hot! You will always have that special touch, Michael. Don't ever stop writing and sharing. Voting Up, Beautiful, Awesome, and sharing! Hugs, my friend dotti

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Laura , my sweet. thank you . You hold my heart in your hands, take my fragile soul and do with it what you want but please keep it close and warm.

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Caroline thank you gorgeous, your words humble me .

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 5 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      Beautiful poetry... as always.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 5 years ago

      Hi Michael this poem is very passionate and intense. You are a master words. You bring the longing of passion and romance in between each line. Keep doing what you are doing. :)

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      thank You Dim..!! the energy of a thousand lights shines in your words. you .. woman ...who writes with such a desire for wonderment that is all encompassing . i have touched your soul and that is the intention of all writers .

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 5 years ago from Great Britain

      OOOOH! So romantic, not to mention "Hot!".

      Beautifully written.

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      @ K, thank you for the comments . A great comment from a beautiful intelligent woman is always appreciated.

      @Bobbi, thank you for the kind words . I am happy that a woman who writes with a passion as you gives me compliments.

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 5 years ago from Florida


      Erotically beautiful words---that only a lover---could compose with such passion. Beautiful work from a true artist of words.


    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 5 years ago

      Orgasmic, Michael..beautiful sexy poetry...well done!

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 5 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Faith Reaper, my loyal hub friend . I was trying to make someone feel what i was thinking. thank you for the kind words anf the remebrance of the past . i am happy i was able to take you back and give you a happy thought . I remember John Waite. I am not as young as you think, sweet woman .

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Whew!!! Cleaner, this is so very lovely and passionate to say the least. Wow, all the way around the world . . . very dramatic too.

      There are a lot of "angel" and "clouds" poems going around HP I see that I am reading tonight. Something is in the air no doubt ---love, which is exactly what this world needs more of right now!

      A lot of missing you poetry too, which reminds me of back in the day, as I have been listening to in the car on my commute, John Waite of the Babys (way back), and all of the missing you poetry reminds me of that song he sings about "Missing You," saying he is not missing you, but he really is no doubt. I just love all of the Babys' songs with John Waite. I know you are too young to even know of them.

      Voted up and away.

      God bless dear one. In His Love, Faith Reaper