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Ecstatic Angels Leaning on the Girl Horse Method

Updated on March 15, 2017

Erasing it (Privately) | Source

The Mental Faculties

Thinkers postulated the results. If such a creation could extinguish the scourge as so many liked to say, then it must be put to use, others said. To come up with a name for the idea required the mental faculties of four chemists, eight psychoanalysts, two physicists and one social worker. From a professional nomenclature specialist, each individual received minute training in how to best express themselves. False starts and dead end thoughts appeared in abundance. While the hours passed, the resolution remained to be unsigned. For these Delawareans, the time to halt the criminalization and institute legalization of all drugs once thought to be illicit was nigh. A name; what to call the spokesperson for narcotics which would be in good taste; and not to diminish seriously the attitude regarding the sale and use of such substances; the task lay in the hands of Newark, Delaware's brightest. La’Tisha Harrimon, a mother who endured the pains of watching her son succumb to the ravages of heroin addiction looked on as the Council deliberated.

Intense focus

Professor Veek looked over his notes regarding the name which which would alter the fates of all involved in the once illicit drug trade. Instead of welcoming the ties of the Council to decide which name would fit, the description-and attitude- of being appropriate. It would be a name which would illustrate the viciousness of the production and consumption of these substances while also reminding people of the fact that the criminal element had been removed. This required intense focus. The triumph of legalizing all drugs especially the ones deemed most destructive allowed the minds of the populace to savor the thought of true liberation. The day had come to decide just how to promote the narcotics as a legal entity.

The government had done its part. It decriminalized and legalized every drug and rid itself of any organizations which prohibit, deny, enforce or alter the new laws on the books. Now, this Council would vote on the title which would inform anyone 18 years of age or older just what they would encounter. Maurita Flores observed the toilers working on the name. She had lost her son, Lorenzo to the plight of selling copious marijuana. Lorenzo’s last moments saw him unraveling his blood soaked bandana as a warrior would unfurl the flag of the United States. Maurita had lost her son just weeks before the Delaware Transformation (DT) was put into effect. By anyone’s standards, the waiting period between the scientists and the head doctors and the social worker all convening as the task would bore most. But the family members, friends, and those closest to the fallen would witness the proceedings to glean meaning from them.

The Drugs Which Signify Rights

To alter the mood and the mind.
To alter the mood and the mind. | Source


“Drugs aren’t evil or immoral. The people who use them must recognize that if they want to live life and love it, then drugs are a no. But we cannot outlaw them anymore. It is time to realize that the act of slow or quick suicide is torturous to and and damning to everyone involved. Yet it is not up to the state to say what is a detriment to the well-being of an individual, just so long as he or she doesn’t violate the rights of others. If you choose to snort, smoke, drink, eat, or inject or perform any other task to introduce intoxicating substances into your body, go for it. Just remember that if you wish to operate a vehicle or experience some abnormal event and seek to do harm to others, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Judge Elsey Kemp, present at the meeting, had said a few weeks before the meeting. Also, amongst the congregants to this church of freedom, the owner of a drug rehabilitation center called Ygeia, Le’Derrick Montrose. In anticipation for the ruling, several centers like Ygeia cropped up all over the state. Montrose sat near the entrance and observed his future clients and professional staff. He also took notice of the individuals who held placards and posters of their family members who perished due to addiction. Patricia Eshkin cradled a portrait of her late son who committed suicide while high on methamphetamine hydrochloride. A tear streaked her face as the decision became apparent.

It's the Truth Anyhow

Otherwise known as the Devl's dandruff or candy.
Otherwise known as the Devl's dandruff or candy. | Source

Caught the Eyes

“We have weighed this pertinent matter with great care and understanding of the lives that our choice may touch,” Dr. Trent Fengler declared. “We have chosen to institute a new name to describe the legalization of all formerly illicit drugs. The relatively lax approach to drugs like marijuana might encourage non-users and users alike to regard the “harder” drugs as particular examples of which individuals tend to abstain. We figured in the massive amount of profits that drug companies will reap based on the sales of such substances. The corner drug courier may rise to level of what would have been kingpin but would one day be the CEO. This finding gave us the impetus to note that the name most appropriate for private citizens to recall the decision made here would best require us to acknowledge the street appeal associated with the substances. So, with that being said, the committee now presents a revolutionary title.” Dr. Fengler stepped away from the lectern. A larger mural with a detail of cherubs standing on the ground, their wings swept back and slanting on a brown mare standing beside an elaborate forest and flowing stream in tan, purple, white, brown and blue and caught the eyes of all those in attendance.

The Unveiling of a Concept

“To address the most lethal drugs currently on the market, we have devised a name. I will proceed to break down each and every portion to clarify our choice. On the street, these drugs boast titles that may befuddle the uninformed. That’s why we present to you: ‘Ecstatic Angels Lean on the Girl Horse Method.’ You may say, ‘Well, what does that mean?’ It signifies Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or MDMA as the ecstatic part; phencyclidine, PCP or angel dust; though not ever illicit but just as dangerous is the abuse of promethazine codeine or lean; the girl means another name for cocaine; horse is of course heroin and method denotes the methamphetamine hydrochloride or crystal meth.”

The Delawareans took in the mural, digested the name and made the conscious decision to comprehend everything. Each person knew that the ruling to bring black market substances on the legitimate trade table would signal a new turn in the history of the Transformation. Dismissal of the new name reverberated around the room. But the resistance was met with the welcome of a fresh idea. The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other family and friends most affected by illicit drugs now prepared them for the day where the threat of jail and fines would be replaced by liberty and self-control. As the prospect of certain death rolled away, the notion of treatment and health crept in to take its place. With the unveiling of a concept with a slangy twist, Delawareans would be introduced to the new age in the cause for the rights of the individual.

Just the Facts

Flying High

First Timers

Lines of Facts

Facts on Facts


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