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Animal Wars

Updated on September 17, 2018

The Grizzly Bear sits in his den, licking his soar paw,

Back when he wasted much time, made his feet raw.

Daydreaming of fresh kill, carion left by the buzzards,

Leaving the work up to his counterparts, to the lizards.

The asp, that sly snake, slithering in the tall grasses,

Hides and waits patiently, to pounce, as time passes.

Its poisonous fangs dripping with its most deathly elixir,

Always allowing others to take a first fall, this to prefer.

Crazy acting buffoons, the Hyenas, all laugh in concert,

Running erratically about among the shrubs, play in dirt.

Each willing to partake of a meal at the leisure of others,

Scraps or wasted pelts, to enjoy, from their own brothers.

All the while, on the plains, the wild stallions run in unison,

Their great power represents the best of nature, its union.

The bravest cats, always aware of misdeeds, staying alert,

Prepared for anything nature affords, their grounds do skirt.

The eagles, great owls, to remain stealthy and keep a watch,

They fly from high perches to cover the lands, wind to match.

Nothing to occur that they do not see, and are always aware.

The safe countryside, all terrain policed and under their care.

The grand stags, big Elk, all roaming the wilds, do so protect,

Their strength in numbers so aweing, their love of all to reflect.

Black bear help preserve nature's balance with their own deeds,

Finest animal congregation works together, seeing all succeeds.

If that day comes and the Bruine, asps, and savage wolves do attack,

A magnificent coalition, an army of brothers and sisters, to be exact,

Shall all band together in a powerful repelling of those enemy groups,

Such a tearing of fur, gnashing of teeth, as a final ridding of the dupes.

No more will there ever to be the growls and hisses of the awful foes,

Their end will have then come amid the sharp talons slash, the blows.

The greater good always join together in times of need, then to heed,

The chapter on that greed and hatefulness, at its own end, does close.


all rights reserved and protected under copyright laws 2018



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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago from United States

      Thanks Blossom. Yes I did the paintings. Many blessings. whonu

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      14 months ago from Victoria, Australia

      Love all the illustrations. Did you do them?


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