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Anne Rice, Queen of the Written Word

Updated on March 5, 2018
Joseph B Daniel profile image

Joseph is an avid reader from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Here he will share his opinions and views on his collection of novels.

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How It All Started For Me

I'm going to be completely honest. I don't remember which of The Vampire Chronicles I read first. I would like to say that it was Interview With a Vampire, but it was so many years ago that the memory is completely lost. What I do remember, is how utterly in love I fell with Anne Rice's work. It became an addiction. I would barely finish one book before I was out hunting through the local bookstores for another. Sadly, when I had completed the Vampire Chronicles, I felt a little lost. What was I to do? The characters that had me so mesmerized for almost a year of my life had nothing else to offer, and I needed my fix.

Then I decided to take a go at the Mayfair Witches. Boom. In a couple of months I had engulfed them. Then I went on to inhale The Mummy, and The Servant of Bones. My heart almost shot through my mouth when I walked through the bookstore one day and saw Prince Lestat staring at me, I think I swallowed it in three days. Most recently I have read The Wolf Gift and I'm now in the middle of The Wolves of Midwinter. Suffice to say, I am enthralled by Anne Rice's works.

What Makes Her So Great

If I were to lose my sight today, my wish would be for Anne Rice to read me a story. There is no writer that can describe a sunset, a turbulent storm on the horizon, or a grove of trees dancing in the wind, quite like her. I would imagine, that to an incarcerated man, her words could either keep you sane by giving you a vivid window to the outside, or drive you mad by teasing you with what you can't have.

She describes her scenes and settings like no one else can. From the feeling of a cool wind on your skin, to a wondrous festival of lights in the midst of a thick forest, Anne Rice brings it all to reality in the reader's mind. When she describes a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean, you can smell the salt in the air, you can see the fading light shimmering on the waves, and you can hear the churning waters.

Her love for the bygone artistic eras is reflected in her stories by characters that love the dress and architecture of those lost times. Mansions with ornate terraces and columns and tapestries and artwork, all exquisitely detailed in her stories, gives her work a certain class that is unmatched in the literary world.

Then there is the depth of her characters. Dialogue between some characters would go on for pages, giving you such an insight into their minds, their views on morals and religion, that it would seem almost unbelievable that it all came from one mind. There is also the conflict that she can create between characters and within a single character, where he or she would be torn between what was right and what was necessary. Her mastery over all these elements makes Anne Rice a literary force to be reckoned with.

In Conclusion

Anne Rice's work contains a particular 'richness' that other writers can't emulate. It is hard to describe, but to me her books are like an exquisite meal, upon completion you are left full and satisfied, yet yearning to be hungry again. If I must recommend one of her books, I would recommend 'Interview With the Vampire,' because most would be aware of its film adaptation, and it would give you just the right taste to get you hooked for life. It also introduces you to probably my favorite fictional character of all time; Lestat, 'The Brat Prince.'

I hereby challenge any reader out there to read only one book of the 'Vampire Chronicles' and see if you aren't in the bookstore looking for another the very next day.

Thank you for reading!

What's Next?

Next I will be commenting on a few novels that were made into movies, namely 'Starship Troopers' by Robert Heinlein, 'I Am Legend' by Richard Matheson, and 'World War Z' by Max Brooks.

Thank you again, and please keep reading.

© 2018 Joseph B Daniel


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