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Anniversary of an Attack, September 11, 2009

Updated on November 26, 2012

Anniversary of an Attack, September 11, 2009


September Eleventh Two Thousand and One,

Why do you haunt me today from morning until the day is done?

Why did I have to see so much death at one time?

Why can I never get you out of my mind?


I love New York City, like the slogan once read,

If I had visited the World Trade Centers on that day...I would be dead,

I hurt from the realness of it all,

I’ll never forget how I felt as I watched your buildings fall.


Washington, DC, the home of my government to me,

I can’t believe someone attacked the center for our military,

And lined up other targets in their aim,

Until our Heroes, brought down their own plane.


The sirens, and the sheetrock dust,

The crashing planes, and the failing truss,

The firemen rushing in when they should be fleeing,

The policeman who stood his ground despite what he was seeing.


The sad fact that so many died that day,

So many in our military sent since then, gone into harm’s way,

How long before those responsible all pay?

Why must we still listen to what these terrorists got to say!


Some have reached out with a conspiracy theory,

But me, I know what it is that I believe…could be…

That we became a great and mighty nation, and believed we would go unharmed,

We had our moments to draw a line in the sand, but many times stood down…unarmed!

We are not so far above it, that someone can’t find a way to use us for a notch in their belt,

I don’t ever want to see this kind of thing happen again, I’m reminded this day how it felt.


On this day on September 11, 2001…

Our world became a dangerous place and lost even more innocent fun.

Passenger Planes were sent to attack our own personal landmarks,

Many People’s lives were snuffed out like rushing water over single sparks.

The Flames cascaded from NYC towers high,

And touched me, far away, where I sat at the TV to cry.


9-11; I keep you in my memory…Now I keep my gun also loaded,

In case, some terrorists got any ideas that something else needs to be exploded.

But the innocent lives lost, is the hardest casualty of the War on Terror that I know,

The devil keeps a special place for those responsible in the Circles of Hell;  9th Row!



Copyright © 2009

(This was originally written in some of this topic has been well discussed by 2009...yet this event still has changed our country for forever. So on: 2009, 2010, 2011, and on...Each Anniversary...I want to be reminded of what it felt like to be Attacked...and what it has cost us in lifes...and the loss of the previous 9-11 Freedom we felt within our own borders! Thank you to those that served our country on this fateful day...all the ones afterwards...and those who did well in advance of that day...All those that have enabled our current Freedom while within our own the first place!)


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