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Another 50 things real women don't do

Updated on May 14, 2012

I Love A Chalange

I was hub hopping the other day , and found a hub called "50 things real men don't do."

I thought "This is cool",so i wrote one called "Another 50 things real men don't do."

Now I have been challenged to write a follow up for "50 things real women don't do."

So all in good fun .LETS DO THIS!! Now I am a man so, I am getting help from the women in my life. But The 50 things list for men had a woman's and man's point of view.

The Woman's list now has the Woman's point of view. So Its time for the man's point.

Before getting upset by anything said in the list. keep in mind its all in good fun.

Let Get This Party Started

50 things real women don't do.

  1. Watch sports on tv.
  2. Grocery shop in heels and a tank top.
  3. Ride a bike in heels.
  4. Go night fishing for catfish.
  5. Ask guys for a date.
  6. Date another woman's husband.
  7. chew tobacco.
  8. throw things at their husband when upset.
  9. Watch the TV channel "spike".
  10. Refuse to let a man be a man and open doors for them.
  11. Get drunk and hog the mic at karaoke night.
  12. Appear on the Bachelorette. or date 20 guys a the same time.
  13. Take their cloths off in bars.
  14. Wear a dress on a motorcycle.
  15. Sit in a dress with legs apart.
  16. Watch WWF wrestling.
  17. Drink beer until they throw up.
  18. Drink wine from a box.
  19. Throw gum out the car window.
  20. Join the mile high club.
  21. get a boob job to impress a man.
  22. Answer the door in a night gown.
  23. Miss any chance to watch Lifetime movie network (the man bashing channel).
  24. Ever Ever miss American Idol.
  25. Forget to put the cap on the tooth paste.
  26. Put the worm on a hook.
  27. Hunt animals.
  28. Wear socks with crocs.
  29. wear tube socks with a dress.
  30. have plumbers crack showing.
  31. Eat crackers in bed.
  32. Make their husband get up to feed the baby, If he works and they don't.
  33. Think all men are looking at their chest. even though most of them are.
  34. Run down other women out of jealousy.
  35. Pick a man based on income instead of personality.
  36. Smoke cigars.
  37. Drive monster trucks.
  38. Ride bulls (real ones) .
  39. Put their needs before their children's.
  40. Flick buggers on the bathroom wall.
  41. Leave their number on bathroom walls.
  42. Make their husbands buy tampons.
  43. Decorate a room with hunting trophies.
  44. Wear hair rollers when shopping.
  45. Wear a facial mask to bed.
  46. Shave legs in the bathtub and not rinse the hair down.
  47. Wear a regular bra with a strapless dress.
  48. cook steaks on a grill. (this is mans work).
  49. Drive drunk
  50. Give up on what they no is right.

Man I Feel Like A Woman

I tried

It was not easy to come up with fifty things but with a little help from friends and my wife. We got r done. Oh yea that is one more .

Real woman don't say "get-r-done."

Hope yall enjoy.


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    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 5 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      billd01603 Thanks again. Like I told Selenalyn . I only write down ideas. That I am told. Glad you liked it though.

    • billd01603 profile image

      billd01603 5 years ago from Worcester

      Hi bmcoll another good Hub! But my wife is a great cook on the grille

    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 5 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      SelenaLyn . I can't disagree. I don't make the rules. Just write down the things I'm told. I love a girl that will fish with me all night. Sorry if it offended its just for fun.

    • profile image

      SelenaLyn 5 years ago

      Great list, but I know quite a few "real women" who go night fishing for catfish, AND put the worm on the hook, to boot. :) Myself included.

    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 5 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Thank for the great comments guys. I am working on another humorous list. Should have it done later today.

    • Dawn Conklin profile image

      Dawn Conklin 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Great list! I definitely violate some of them lol! I would love to drive a monster truck and I like to watch wrestling :)

      I prefer "spike" over "lifetime" and I have to cook on the grill in our house. It is for the safety of our deck, house, grill and family! It would probably go boom if I wasn't the one "manning" the grill.

    • LaThing profile image

      LaThing 5 years ago from From a World Within, USA

      Great points, not just COUPLE, Sunshine, I see quite a few of them that relates to me! lol, lol.... Don't Do worms on hook, drive monster trucks, watch wrestling!! Just to name a few :)

      One more for the list... Real women don't Spit ..... ;)

      Voting up, and awesome!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 5 years ago from Orlando, FL

      LOL! Well done! I found myself in a couple of things! Uh Oh! I like Spike and Lifetime :))