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Another Christmas Story

Updated on December 21, 2016
Santa's longest day of the year
Santa's longest day of the year | Source

MC Santa

T’was the night before Christmas, while alone in my house, everyone was out shopping including the mouse.
The stockings had been hung by the butler with ease, the lights were all lit, and I was quite pleased.
The house had a scent of a Christmas tree pine, with
Candles burning softly it all looked so fine.

Outside was a colorful Christmas light land, and dressed as
Elves, singing carols was a cool reggae band.
The stage had been set for a nice Christmas eve,
It all looked so lovely it was hard to believe.

Then I saw in the distance a sleigh that looked slick,
And I could tell by the bass drop, that it was MC St. Nick.
He came in to land with such style and grace, as
He parked his Pimped sleigh by the stone fireplace,
Out of the chimney came flames and smoke, but Santa
Just laughed like it was some kind of joke.

He huffed and he puffed and he blew the flame out,
While the reindeer and elves all danced round about.
Then he took out his bag which was bigger than ever,
So he shrunk it down, and I thought that was clever.

He looked 2-LEGIT in his hip hop red suit,
And I could tell he was ready to go down the chute.
He didn’t look worried thought the coals were still hot,
But as he slipped down the chimney, I heard Rudolph yell Not!
MC let out a yell as he landed inside,
For that jolly old man had just burned his backside.

He doused it with the milk that he was to drink, which had been left on the mantle with some cookies I think.
That night I laughed harder than I had in weeks,
For now I knew why he had rosy red cheeks!

He shook it all off as if it were nothing, walked
Towards the stockings which he began stuffing,
Then turned around and opened his sack,
He had a Barbie for Carrie and for Joey a new bat,
Then he took out the sound system for ole mom and dad,
It had 80 inch woofers, and thumped bass that was mad!

As he looked at the stereo I saw him grin, then he took out his radio and plugged it right in.
The tunes started kickin, and he started to groove, he did the
Robot, the moonwalk, MC St. Nick moves.
He stepped to the left, slid back to the right,
I said to myself great, he’ll be here all night.

Then all of the sudden I heard voices of cheer,
Santa had stopped dancing, his face filled with fear,
The family was home with the presents they’d bought,
They had heard the music playing, and he knew he’d been caught.

As they opened the door, he just stood there with style,
Everyone was astonished, then he gave them a smile.
He spun around quickly, ran back towards the chute,
Grabbed up his toy bag, like a thief with his loot,
Then with a touch to his nose, in a twinkle of light,
He flew up the chimney and rode out of sight.

I heard an elf tell him as they slipped away, I told you
That this was going to happen one day.
Santa smacked him and said, you just keep packing the sack,
Or I’m going to thump you with Michaels new bat.
As I stood there still stunned, I knew Christmas was here,
But I can’t help but wonder what it will be like next year.


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