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Another New Day

Updated on June 7, 2013

Jars of Clay/World's Apart

there's a familiar sound

beyond your bedroom door

it's his feet that are stomping

across the hard wooden floor

and you already know

before a word has been spoken

the promise he made

once again has been broken

so inside of yourself

preparation takes place

for the moment of dread

when you meet face to face

the accusations, the lies

are always the same

but he's never content

when you've taken the blame

and the harshness of temper

seems to grow ever stronger

leaving you with a fear

that will last even longer

can't he see what it does

to your heart deep inside

it's the only safe place

where the pain finds to hide

tomorrow he'll wake

without questioning why

there's a limp to your walk

and a bruise on your thigh

yesterday's not remembered

as if it didn't exist

there's not a memory to recall

so there's nothing to miss

it's just another new day

to find a brand new excuse

to pick up that bottle

and carry on the abuse

how utterly sad

to lose your life in that way

so much given up

such a high cost to pay

to let your dreams disappear

one by one do they die

swallowed up by addiction

by a simple white lie

promising nothing but freedom

in the feeling it gave

while creating a prison

to capture you as it's slave

though you long for escape

it dares you to try

just remember my friend

it all began with a lie

if it lied from the start

it will lie once again

telling you it's a battle

you never will win

but you don't have to try

to win this fight on your own

the burden's too great

for you to carry alone

God knew long before

our feet walked the earth

the many things that would try

to devalue our worth

He knew of temptation

and how hard it would be

once we gave into it

to go back living free

and free is the way

we were created to live

it is God's plan for each life

He has chosen to give

and free He can make you

no matter how far you've strayed

His plan won't be thwarted

even when it's delayed

God's only Son died for you

a cruel death on a cross

that no matter what life may bring

gain may come from a loss

just cry out and believe

I can promise He'll hear

He's ever longing to help

so there's nothing to fear

pain may tarry a moment

in this brief span called life

But the sun carries warmth

to bring an end to the strife

love is strong and forgiving

never losing the way

to the pathway of hearts

searching for a new day...

God's forgiveness has no expiration date...

It is limitless and timeless..

And is always, always, always waiting....

Lisa Patricoff 2008


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