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Another True Story: Internet Love Nightmare

Updated on October 6, 2010

Another True Story: Internet Love Nightmare

I'm one who believe that it is possible to find love over the internet, and I don't give up after it has failed once. I responded to another man who answered my ad in Love aol. Naive people should not be allowed to place ads anywhere, and here is my story. I met Tony not long after I met Jeff and I was hoping that it would have been different, in fact it was worse.

Tony agreed to meet me, so he told me that he was going to get his sister to drive him to meet me, because his car was at the mechanics. He and this woman who was supposed to be his sister drove all the way to New Orleans from Texas to visit me. I followed all of the safety guidelines when you meet someone strange for the very first time, I met him in a public place, it was a shopping mall.

Tony's sister Melanie went off to do some shopping while Tony and I sat in the food court, had a bite to eat and we talked. He was very clingy with me and he professed his love for me. I was basically love starved and hearing those words marinated my heart believing every word he said. In the beginning of this so called relationship, I received gifts and flowers from this man, he woed me and I was very smitten. I confided in him about some family issues I was having and he was a good listener, seeming to be very concerned; he was that shoulder I needed at the time.

Tony worked offshore on an oil rig, so I wouldn't see him but a couple a times a month. He would drive to New Orleans to visit me when he got his time off and I looked forward and was very excited to see him each time. One day he asked me to come back with him to Texas just to spend the weekend with him, he told me that he and his sister shared a house, that she had the bottom half and he had the top half. I was a bit worried that I would be invading his sister privacy because though she lived downstairs, it was still an open house with the bathrooms upstairs.

Tony assured me that she was not going to be home for the weekend, she was going to be spending the weekend with her fiance and would not be in our way. That was not what happened, his sister had an argument with her fiance, so she was home for the weekend with Tony and I. She seemed to have had a serious attitude problem with me the whole time I was there and I just couldn't figure out why she was acting this way. Melanie was pregnant, and knew that pregnant women usually have problems with their hormones making them act crazy so I associated her attitude with her pregnancy.

That morning we got up, Melanie was yelling for Tony to get out in the yard and start cutting the grass, she was bossing him around with different chores, keeping him from being around me; and everytime she said jump, I swear this man ask her how high. This was becoming very annoying to me. I started to feel as though she was jealous of me and Tony's relationship, so later that night I told him what I thought about her being jealous of us. And he avoided the conversation and went to bed.

When we awakened, Melanie was knocking on the door yelling for Tony to get up because she felt as if she was having a miscarriage. We both jumped up and got dressed and drove her to the emergency room. While we were in the emergency room, Tony was being distant with Melanie and I felt sorry for her and kept asking her if there was anythng I can do for her, and she would not answer me so I left her alone. Tony, said if she was going to be so nasty that she could sit alone in the emergency room, so we left and went to have lunch at applebee's.

As we sat in Applebee's having lunch, Tony confessed something to me that made me want to kill him right there in the restaurant. He told me that Melanie was not his sister, that it was his soon to be ex wife. Supposedly, they made a deal to live together, fix up there home and sell it and later go their separate ways. He told me that Melanie cheated on him while he was offshore and she had gotten pregnant for this guy she was engaged to. I was very distraught and walked out of the restaurant.

He ran behind me begging for me not to be angry and to understand. All I could tell him at that point was for him to take me to the bus station so that I could go home and he insisted that he drive me home since he's the reason for me being out there. He had enough nerves to call me after this ordeal, I did not take any of his calls and he disappeared from my life. Here is a tip for the love starved: Don't seek love if you're that hungry. fill up on some high self esteem before looking for love elsewhere.


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