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Answered Prayers 4: Another Heavenly Collection of Inspirational Poetry

Updated on August 5, 2022
Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe had written dozens of book reviews for Netgalley, First to Read (before it was defunct), for BookishFirst, & also on her blog.

Angels Offers Spiritual Advice From God

Heavenly Friends

A decade ago, I started posting my angelic poetry collections to share with you all here at Hub Pages. While I had loads more of inspirational poetry to post hubs, I wanted to thank you for commenting, sharing, and being there for me with your encouraging warm words on my old poetry. To honor spring’s arrival and the Easter/Passover season, too, here’s another set of ten poems for you. The last set of eight poems was published that summer.

Devil in Disguise and Archangelic Good Will

Devil In Disguise

Beware of people who resemble angels,
When they’re sweet, innocent and good,
That they can change at any minute,
Like a switch, they can be Jekyll and Hyde.

For when even the most gentle souls,
Sometimes they can sprout horns,
An angelic being will be a devil in disguise,
When our sweetheart can be a real monster.

Angel quote: “Beware of people who resemble angels, for even
the most gentle souls sometimes sprout horns.”—Sarah Townsend

Archangelic Good Will

Since angels are men, and live together in society like men on earth,
They spread peace and good will, all year long,
Therefore they have garments, house and other things familiar,
Their invisibility is chosen for the macroscopic naked eyes.

Even to those which exist on earth, even for divine beings,
They integrate in the world, one by one, passing the word,
But, of course, immediately more beautiful and perfect,
Pure goodness and innocence will prevail against evil.

Angel quote: “Since angels are men, and live together in society
like men on earth, therefore they have garments houses and other
things familiar to those which exist on earth, but, of course,
infinitely more beautiful and perfect.”—Emanuel Swedenborg

Journey and Sprites for You


Whether you get stuck in a jam or in a rut,
And you need a little bit of help along the way,
Just whisper a silent prayer to the heavens,
And not for long, you’ll get an answer sometime today.

Whether in a life-altering crisis or in traffic,
A group of angels will provide help in a heartbeat,
Have no fear, as you’ll soon proceed in the right direction for safety,
It would feel, as if angels were pushing to make the journey complete.

Angel quote: “It felt as if angels were pushing.”-Adolf Galland,
on his first flight in a jet aircraft.

Sprites for You

Everyone, no matter how humble He may be,
Never fear for evil, when you have to look over your shoulder,
Or have to keep a careful eye on yourself or others,
Since they have angels to watch over them.

They are heavenly, pure and splendid in appearance,
Always smiling on their face, cheerful and wise,
Dressed in a white gown, wearing cloud slippers,
And yet they have been given us to keep company on our way.

Angel quote: “Everyone, no matter how humble he may be,
has angels to watch over him. They are heavenly, pure
and splendid, and yet they have been given us to keep
us company on our way.”—Pope Pius XII

Our Lord's Praise and Angel Talk

Our Lord’s Praise

In prayer at church pews, or at home,
By the bed, knelt down and pray,
Ask for forgiveness and atonement for our sins,
Praise God, the Heavenly host above.

Alone, or even with others, like family,
Especially at holidays for our feast on our table,
He watches us with His angels, day and night,
Praise Him, all creatures of His Love.

Angel thought #53: “Praise God, ye heavenly host above;
Praise Him, all creatures of His love.”—A.H.D. Troyte

Angel Talk

If we want to talk to our angel,
Believe deep in our heart,
Recognize that they’re everywhere,
It could have a good place to start.

When in need or troubled,
All it takes is a prayer,
When our soul is soiled, never fear,
His angelic ministers of grace are there.

Angel quote: “[Communication with angels] starts if you
recognize they’re there.”—-Murray Steinman

Angels Are Special and Match-Made in Heaven

Angels are Special

No matter, if we look it in a dictionary,
Or maybe even a thesaurus, too,
This word will always be listed for you and me,
It’s a special word and the meaning is really true.

Arts and tapestries have a good depiction,
Whether for humans with encounters so real,
Or from the afterlife, unlike in fiction,
We have an emotional feel.

“Angel” is the only word in our language for all,
In which, grace can never be worn out,
They’re our guardians, forever, short or tall,
Angels are special, without a doubt.

Angel thought #10: “‘ Angel’ is the only word in the
language which can never be worn out.”—Victor Hugo

Match Made in Heaven

When you find someone in your life,
And when you know one to spend your life with,
Make sure that they’re an angel,
Perhaps written in the stars of the sky.

It just might be a match made in Heaven,
May they move Heaven and earth for you, and not Hell,
If you don’t marry an angel with wings,
Be prepared to have a devil of a time.

Angel quote: “If you don’t marry an angel, be prepared
to have a devil of a time.”—Anonymous

Angelic Flight and Angelic Light

Angelic Flight

In this dim atmospheric world of clouding cares,
We have the universe, God, and the angels with us unawares,
They watch over us, and gives us safety,
So they don’t want us to evil befall us, easily.

We rarely know, till bewildered eyes,
See white wings lessening up the skies,
Day and night, they blend in with the stars,
And with their clouds, they use them like cars.

Angel thought #21: “In this dim world of clouding cares,
We rarely know, till ‘wildered eyes
See white wings lessening up the skies,
The angels with us unawares.”—Gerald Massey

Angelic Light

Whenever you wish upon a star in the night,
Especially upon the heavenly sky,
The blessed angels has a shining light,
Which is the supernatural knowledge, so high.

And that’s of God’s essence of what He is to you,
Which is a gift of God’s holy grace,
The angelic light upon their halo above their head, too,
It gives a glow upon their ruddy face.

Angel quote: “The light that shines on the blessed angels
is the supernatural knowledge that is a gift of God’s grace.”—Mortimer Adler

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Kristen Howe


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