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Answers Through Illusions

Updated on July 29, 2013

Answers Through illusions

Dimensions through illusions

Bending time to fit into the realm of reality

The reality that is perceived by the eyes that view it

Countless spiraling paths to be taken if one so chooses to begin to walk them

Myriads of options…

Myriads of choices to be made

Throwing oneself into the pit of despair…

…to delve into the illusions that might become a future reality

Trepidation staring one in the face like prey looking into the eyes of a hungry beast

Waiting to pounce

What becomes of the mind with all the whirling and twisting and turning?

All the rampant action throwing curves in every direction

How can one even breathe through it without feeling so debilitated?

Conclusions needing to be drawn

Needing to be drawn to find some sense of sanity

Darkness wanted to close out the other senses…

…leaving the mind to have fewer stimulants to cause confusion in the final decision

Fewer distractions

Sleep begged for to find some semblance of escapism

Sweet slumber not to be known in this hour…

…nor in the hours to follow

Focus…One must focus

The answers always and forever where they have always been

-Locked within the mind-

The key always before one just out of reach

Waiting for the final leap to grasp the knowledge that is laid out before oneself

The answer where it had always been

Just waiting for one to accept it

~Bobbi Jo Davis

March 3, 2003


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