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Updated on January 6, 2010

Broken Hearts

This was written for a friend who has a broken heart.If you have ever been there you know the endless questions that keep coming to your mind.Why,what if,if only and on and on we question why the relationship ended and what we did wrong or how could we be so wrong.When relationships end in a bad way we want to know why.Many times there is no answer and we will never know.God always knows where we are in life.He always loves us and cares about our feelings.God can heal a broken heart if we allow Him too.


How she ask do I see the truth
After living and believing the lie
Gone is all I cared for now
All she can do is cry

Sobbing,spinning, screaming and in rage
a prisoner now
or so it seems
like living in a cage

Hope is gone the dream replaced
endless nights of why
a hurting heart
wounded empty space

she knows not that each tear that falls
is counted by the one
who walked before her
he knows her name and calls

He knew her before the world was made
saw her in this state
asking only that she calls on Him
He loves her and for her life He paid

When she sees what He has done
He too was betrayed
ask and He will give
at last the peace will come

No greater love then He can give
He gave his life
for all forgive
And in Him only can we live

So ask Him now the truth to see
and He will give
life and love
You will be free


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